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Frage von eitlefilme:


What is the problem that Perier 2.0 per crashes very soon after a clip with the Dehummer and Denoiser maximum filtering has equipped?

An even faster way for me if you do a gamma correction and image brightness fits.

The messages are "Abnormal Program Termination" (because not everything is stored away) or "Visual C + Error (synonymous because not everything is stored away) or" It was a grave error and the program must be completed, it will attempt the current project to store "(nothing here is lost).

Thanks Daniel!


Antwort von eitlefilme:


So here is my answer which I have found, since the Adobe phone support more than luschi is ...

The problem has been the following:

8 x 1 hours raw material in the Project
6 x per sequence with about 20 x 30 seconds with sound and video Dehummer and Denoiser - between one Title

(Yes: The Making of Interviews)

and the packed premiere simply not true. Until the 4 sequence, then Ramauslastung ABOUT 1.5 GB and crash when access to third-fifth clip.

Solution: max 3 Interviews per Ramauslastung Project and remains under 1 gb and the thing is running crash-free.

I hope someone can do what to start!

gruss daniel


Antwort von armin k:


for me, important contribution. I'm just of Media Studio Pro 8 because of the instability in this program on Premiere Pro 2.0 is changed and am actually very happy. Until then the program crashes in a Project with the same error as you began. Of the characteristics described at least one take on my project to more than 4 and the sequences in a further (final) sequence together.

If that is the cause of the crashes should be yes, I can in the project organization to set up. Schade's all been because the instrument is a beautiful complex projects arranged to hold (were it in MSP 8 no).

I'll watch.

Many greetings


Antwort von Eva Maier:

In another forum I read that some of your RAM to 1 GB because PP have reduced with merhr than 1.5 is not clear.
(Would help with the first cover undf If checked if necessary)

/ E


Antwort von michael_h:


the burden of Premiere Pro 2.0 with DeNoise and similar tools, I can say nothing but what has been with me with 2.5 GB Ram Premiere schell and super stable. In addition to Premiere, however, is a Matrox RTX 100 Extreme installed. So far absolutely no problems.




Antwort von eitlefilme:


So from my experience I know RENOUNCING sequences into other sequences inserted since then crash - and especially of errors in the AVI Endgerenderten only rains (or sound and visual problems) and I always notice when the dvd is finished -> 20 hours of new computational work for my poor poor computer.

to ram: I thought the synonymous. But since Adobe insists that when HDV at least 2 GB of ram and must have 3 GB recommended, I think that the problem of the Rams is not generally given.

At the falls, however, that once a few clips (ie 50 or more) with Dehummer Denoiser and equipped, the project file of a sudden 10 to 60 MB is increased - thus, I suspect the original geschöpft. The RAM usage is NOT the Denoiser at 800 mb and with about 1600 MB in while playing in the preview window.

And because Adobe with service packs so is more economical than (what I do not understand, so errors such as: when you open the preferences is "0,50" in the transitional standard audio length, and the one before, not on. Can be corrected OK you do not say because he does not recognize the value - and this is not the only fairly embarrassing bug.

But you probably do not drum rum: Premiere Pro 2 is a great editing program that - if you have corners and edges times and has met these bypasses - really good service.

mfg daniel

ps: mine is still not crashed * freu *


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