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Frage von Coburn:


I have the Adobe Premiere CS4. Use of this now for quite a while now and of one day to another was a problem.
I have my preview pane on a course 2tem monitor, this adapted to the screen size (17 "). Yesterday, it is still running perfectly smoothly jerk during processing, as usual always synonymous. See at this day it starts, but when I the size of the Preview window, scale it down, it runs smoothly.

That sounds pretty now after a hardware problem that can not be, as it was previously synonymous. : - /

Nor anyone else had this problem?
AMD Athlon X2 5600 +
4GB DDR2 633
Gforce 8600 GT
Windows 7 32 bit


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Does the PC get any update? Maybe the virus scanner?

Possibly. some runs a resource-eating program in the background. Ggf. the PC from the network and take time off antivirus and firewall.


Antwort von Coburn:

I just had the PC again and this new gestarted occurred to me that yesterday my CS4 Adobe has updated. I was then not used Premiere.

That would indeed mean a bad update install Adobe has ...? . _.


Antwort von Enno Winde:


what have you for an operating system. Times when attempting to activate vista disable the Aero interface respectively. That usually helps.
Otherwise, Create a new user account and times when it test. because in einenem New Reg Accout all messages are returned to Adobe and then run again.

Love Greetings

Enno Winds


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