Infoseite // Preview monitor for real 24/25p-Wiedergabe?

Frage von mella:

How many of you surely know it is very difficult to find a monitor, the display controls are not stubborn with 60 Hz, but at 24p or 25p synonymous accordingly adjusts the refresh so it will not come to the jitter.

Most Manufacturer yes give out any information on this and have no idea of it themselves. I've never seen a data sheet that here hergibt something equivalent.

Before I even begin to research, I just wanted to know if anyone here in the forum with good places on the net can call who is testing something reliable (; prad tuts obviously not).

Also I am interested in heavy, which have already been here for equipment of other users reliably tested. I know that some Eizo's can, but I'm looking for an alternative, synonymous like normal TVs, which is slightly cheaper: (max 500 euros).

I only have 24p and 25p more material on the table, and yet I could still see a preview anywhere without jitter.

Would be synonymous nice to me some of you (; DSLR professionals please step forward) could report briefly, as your anseht your 24p and 25p without jitter.

A really enlightening, current thread about this I have still not been found here.

VIIIIEELEN you for any advice and for your efforts in advance ...



Antwort von hdvfreak:

Hello, mella!

After much searching, Buy and returning again, I found a preview monitor that can handle over HDMI with the 1080 lines and the 50 Hz in my Storm card of Grass Valley neat. For a TV I had besides my two monitors working no more room - and no money for an EIZO.

(!) The HP 2309m high as 48 Hz were offered in the data as the lowest vertical refresh, and seems even to vote - for my anyway. Unfortunately, the 2309, but no matte display, but instead of the smaller HP 2159m - with "only" 50 Hz - has.

The 2309m swallowed without complaint, even the 24 Hz (but "p") during the test from my Panasonic 151st (Perhaps because of the degree of multiples in the vertical deflection?). No more stuttering. Also in deinterlacer HP seems not to have saved. No line flicker.

The displays are so synonymous finally "PC" monitors and not a "video" monitors "- was synonymous I can listen again and again, when I with" started our "50 Hz!
HP plays in the famous ... ..- market for one day "borrow" as I did. I stayed with him anyway.


Antwort von lilbarby:

Here you'll find synonymous already a thread about this: =


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