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Frage von serpenteye:


Until recently I have with a small DV camera and recorded the material with Premiere and After Effects edit. This synonymous everything ran very happy.

Now I looked at the "SonyHDR FX1" fetched and now I do not know how I cut the HD material from its premiere in AfterEffecs get.

For DV-times I have directly with the video premiere up and cut. Then I have the scenes that I wanted to edit next to as "uncompressed AVI" gerändert and with AfterEffecs imported. After Effects with the scenes I worked again as uncompressed AVI "gerändert and imported back into Premiere.

Since I am now in HD and of course, synonymous next I would like to edit this approach be pursued. Unfortunately, uncompressed AVI's in HD so extreme that I do not really play, not in Premiere, After Effects or VLC and other players. If they be bucking them. This is not s.Export but s.der high data bandwidth of the videos. Short videos (about 5-10 sec.) Will be played, not longer.
I ruckende compress video, run it again flüsstg.
Too slow a calculator, I have not synonymous, with a Dual Core 2.4 GHz and 2GB RAM should be enough.

I have tried the synonymous Premiere Project in After Effects to import, this is synonymous, but unfortunately can not mpeg videos of After Effects be read.

Now my question is, is there some other way to a video with two programs to work without constantly out and her to edge? Or a program with which one of the camera and can record videos in the two programs can import?

Would be for a konstuktieven advice very gratefully.


Antwort von PUDU:

The shakes, you can prevent that, you have multiple hard disks to a Raid Bundle (Raid 0). Here are the data of all participating disks simultaneously read or written. Uncompressed HD material goes beyond the data of a single hard drive out completely no preference as the calculator is afloat.


Antwort von serpenteye:

Thank you, good to know. A Raid 0 is known to me. Are there still other ways with two video editing programs without them ever to edge?


Antwort von PUDU:

You can After Effects compositions in Premiere to import and render them there. However, it takes much longer, probably because that 32bit works in Premiere and After Effects in default 8bit.


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