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Frage von Krego:

Hello Forum Users,

I have a problem with my SonyVX2100. The camera has even begun during the movie recording only a distorted picture show red in the display and recording, as if only the red CCD chip during operation. After an initial and were switched on again fixed the problem. Some time later (4-5 hours, 2-3 weeks), there again, but was not by an education and resolve again turned on.

This distorted picture has been synonymous recorded during the recording as it appeared in the display. The reproduction of the correct material, however, worked perfectly.

Now I have to reset the camera as the next step taken by the rest button. Then I switched them and it was a clear picture to recognize, however, she turned away after a few seconds with a slight "rattle" from and since the no-longer goes on.

I fear that a repair at Sony, no preference was s.der Camera is broken, the Gebrauchtwert beyond this, by far.

Has anyone an idea? Thank you in advance.


Antwort von tommyb:

More than they can be repaired with SONY to you can not synonymous rates. Except you might have the knack to break even on the electronics and replace the defective components.

Try it once with an estimate, otherwise you will not be able to help you.


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