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Frage von scrooge:

Salü together

For years, I work with Premiere Pro and now there is suddenly a problem I never had:
I have created a longer film, with many elements and color correction with Magic Bullet Looks done. So far, all the renderings always been okay.
Now I have the complete project as DV-AVI rendered and the result is black and white. No clue why ... * scratch head *
Then I took it as Avi file with the MainConcept DV codec rendered. Also scharzweiß. Of course I have the export settings for the highest bit depth specified.

Where could the problem lie?



Antwort von Debonnaire:

I had similar problems already synonymous with PP, that is something that is straight / correct previously worked, suddenly no longer works or what else makes!

Various (tedious, yes, and really unnecessary) approaches have mostly helped me. You can step out and give us feedback:

1. PP and close the three PP-directories below the directory with your project file rename or delete: "Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files", "Encoded Files" and "Media Cache Files" (or the German equivalent names). Then export the movie again. If not better, then to 2:

2. Create new sequence and all the elements to be exported (final-) sequence using [ctrl] + A, [ctrl] + C in the old, and then [ctrl] + V to paste the new sequence and export the movie again. If not better, then 3:

3. PP schliessen. New Project with the same settings, prior to import into Project as film and export again. If not better, then again at point 1 NEW in the Project started. If not better, then loud "Shit!" scream and here in the forum to ask next! ;-)



Antwort von scrooge:

Hi Debonnaire,

Thanks for these tips. I remember that I used to be synonymous times have solved a problem.

This was the problem, but somewhere else - rather, it sat in front of the screen. ;-)
Idiot I had with the options of the graphics card is played because of the TV output and apparently sometime in the color saturation for video playback to zero. Players like VLC, Quicktime and wmplayer still have only played in black and white. Only when I rendered the video in Premiere loaded again had struck me that it is in Color and then dropped my graphics card experiments again.

Thus, synonymous go ..

Many greetings


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