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Frage von Simmes90:

Dear slashCAM,

So I talk logged into the board, I have a problem with my JVC camcorder and I hope you can help me.

It is the JVC Everio GZ-HD40 and I have the following problem. So when I'm in quite "normal" environments movies there are no problems, that is, natural lighting, low volume etc.

However, my brother plays in a tape and I have now tried several times during the performances to take pictures but after about 50 seconds my message: "Video management file is damaged - restore is necessary," or at least something like this hint.

I do not assume that the cam is damaged ansich, because if I s.nächsten days at home trying out anything goes. Google unfortunately did not answer.

My question, if maybe someone had a similar problem, because actually I can only imagine that the whole is s.der extreme volume, synonymous if I do not understand is why the effect on the video management.

may ask if you have an idea or need more info's like after I hope I helped.

MfG Simmes


Antwort von Jott:

The fragile hard disks have lost nothing in camcorders - typical case where this fails in recording technology. Is unfortunately normal.


Antwort von Simmes90:

So I can be for concerts probably nothing choice other than to film on Micro SD card I'll take you there s.oder still make something else?


Antwort von domain:

The GZ-HD 40 has a built-in accelerometer that is the hard drive from damage in case of a severe shock by lifting and returning of the write-protect. However, the set is very sensitive, so there may be occasional and specifically even slight vibrations to completely unnecessary dropouts.
You can display it in the menu to temporarily disable: Basic Settings / drop detection off. The vibrations of sound waves keep any hard drive in normal and especially loose from these small, which are so synonymous used in notebooks.


Antwort von Simmes90:

Okay I think I will then test times.
Thanks for the tip.


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