Infoseite // Problem when dubbing with Pinnacle 9

Frage von Lensen:

I have the following problem. I have recently bought myself an external hard drive. Now if I want to play the movies with Pinnacle of the camera to the hard drive there is, I could only hold 4 GB. In the help, however, is only to note that in Windows ME only 4 GB s.Stück can be dubbed. However, I have garkeine ME on the hard drive. Perhaps someone knows of the problem and yes you know what I must do. If that is truly important. Thanks in advance


Antwort von Peter S.:

The maximum file size is limited by the file system, with which the disk has been formatted at Fat16 it can max. 2GigaByte be a maximum of Fat32 4GigaByte. The NTFS file system support (of Windows 2000 and Windows XP) is that limit in the terabyte range. For example, large video files, has been an amateur really. If your operating system allows, format the external hard drive with NTFS and Pinnacle 9 will not complain.
MFG Peter


Antwort von Kiara Borini:

My advice in such situations is almost always that I use for capturing a program that splits the clips immediately after recording time. In my case, the Scenalyzer Live. Not taste the world.

Even if vollschreibt a tape s.Stück, you can set in after capturing that is started after about 650 MB, a new file. So one can easily archived on CD.

You can capture as synonymous like Time Lapse, which saves a lot of space on the PC.

I formatted my video, of course, synonymous with NTFS partition, but only stumble into areas of 4Gig and more if I save the finished movie for some reason as a DV-AVI (must change the editing tools for example) and not directly of the timeline write back onto tape.

Aslo if NTFS is, then it is the first choice. But always as a separate partition just for video projects that you can reformat as needed. This is all the times more effectively than any defragmentation.


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