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Frage von Samson71:


I am looking for a very good Effect Software and the times I have Adobe After Effect Pro 7.0 Tryout Adobe runtergeladen.

Now as far as I find the program first, sadly announces the AE import a MPEG2 - Video an unknown error, AE can not directly download MPEG2?

Adobe themselves can not contact, as this is only for Registered users go, I just do not see a piece of software to buy if they do not work.

So here I can perhaps help someone next?

QuickTime and Co. will be imported without problems not only MPEG.

PS.: I already have the software Adobe Premiere 2 Pro and done here is the import of MPEG2 material without problems


So problem is found, thank another contribution in this forum.

It was s.meinen Klit Mega Codec Pack, which prevented the AI was able to import MPEG2 videos, but now the joke.

It seems that this universal decoder packs like the Klit Codec, quite s.ende an installation may be installed.

I have the codec pack uninstalled and AE directly tested and behold AE imported without a grumble MPEG2 - video, I suggest the Klit Codec Pack (the same version) and reinstalled AE tested again, lo and behold it worked without problems.

I do not understand why no preference but it all works now


Antwort von Jörg:

"Samson71" wrote:


I do not understand why no preference but it all works now

s.dem is the fact that some programs or codecs install in their own "importance degree" (merits) grossly overestimated,
and to put the highest priority.
This then leads to the Dir of reported conditions. The subsequent modification is feasible, however not a little knowledge to operate the settings provided.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Samson71:

Hi, Wichtigskeitsgrad, so high priority, but if so, would indeed AE codec on its high face.

If the Klit Codec set on high, so should the re-test with AE the problem occur again.

Before I uninstalled Klit, I exported all settings, well me to stop working when you install to save, then have the settings again and over again AE tested and it still ran.

I suspect something else because when I have AE installed and started, it has already identified the MPEG decoders are available and his own off, because I then uninstalled the codecs and start have reported AE Quicktime is not available and it would be disabled , because I so clearly the use Quicktime Alternative, AE imported without problems now MPEG2, Quicktime is denied, then I have reinstalled the Klit and AE start and not get the message Quicktime is not installed, tested and tried, MPEG2 and Quicktime were imported without problems.

But think that it agrees with what one reads it in forums, because I had similar problems earlier when I had once again re-install Windows XP had, sometimes you have to follow certain series considered.

Previously I had a problem with my Fritz ISDN PCI card had every time they have with the win-Install has been detected, was the installation of WinXP are hab it will always be skipped later s.ende and halt of the XP installation only installed.

Since I got the note sequence, I had niemehr problems while installing, just stop now with the AE.

Thank you again for the help


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