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Frage von 2B:

my grandpa has two Canon A2 Hi Vision, both have the same problem.
If they are connected s.Netzteil, you can turn on them, they will go to short, on the display the battery indicator blingt and then they go right out again.
The Batteries I could not try if it works, but Grandpa said he thought it would have already tried and it does not synonymous.

Does anyone know this problem and knows how to solve it?
Is it perhaps s.netzteil only because so both cameras because the same problem have?



Antwort von srone:

you have only one power supply?
perhaps it does so with the second.

if the batteries lying around long, the empty anyway, so that the flashing battery symbol is right.

but let that or the power supply (s) Check times at the local electronics dealer, then you know more.




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