Infoseite // Problem with DVD burning with Pinnacle Studio10 Pros

Frage von moviemakerin!!:

Heyho her Omniscient! * g *
I have a problem with synonymous burn the DVD.
So I created a film that will go to 56min
now if I press create on film, renders
Pinnacle synonymous all well (which is "only" lasts 3 hours)
And then, just when it wants to continue with the process,
is either the message that I should insert a DVD,
that is blank or rewritable's (synonymous ne very fresh when I have DVD inserted), or simply errors when burning.
Toll, then everything is back to zero.

Could it be that this has anything to do with the memory?
Sometimes synonymous stands there, I should change the path, because my hard drive C is too full, but where do I change the path?

I can go nebendran only right this circular area,
and change it there. If you understand what I mean ... at least
I am perplexed and do not understand why it does not work. And with my helplessness synonymous increases my anger! For the film should be finished by Friday .....

I hope you can help me somehow, would be really nice of you!
Liebe Grüße,
your krissy


Antwort von Ben the Ripper:


ick believe that you need to change settings, the recorder

on d: I know (yes wat net for drives you have)

otherwise I deserted

With your memory is likely to have nothing to do dat (your PC / Mac would be ok, if you can edit the film uch
(Of my performance))

I bet mitm drive ...

you can hope to begin watt

dannoch good luck with the moviemaken :-)


Antwort von jpsaenz:

cool, thanks! And where can I change?
I am full angenervt of the vehicle, the
think gar ned!



Antwort von Markus:

Just for info, so you do your other (identical) contribution, which has not been answered, not looking for:


Antwort von Ben the Ripper:

tach nomma
sry so late dat

so ...

you'll just go to Make Movie on disc (left)
then Settings uff da sieste bottom right:
target medium, Cd / DVDbrenner un dat set da muste laufw. / Brenna ...

un sin unte left the burning options
because once canst. whether immediate burn oda image ...

so ...
ick think dat is everything watt ick got to say about this

So then .............


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