Infoseite // Problem with Edius5 and MOV files of Canon EOS 7 D

Frage von freelens:

Hello community, have a bigger problem in the processing of material from the Canon EOS 7 d, when I drag the clips to open them in the timeline, the program breaks down after about 7 clips, and it appears that an unknown error occurred is furthermore synonymous jerk the pictures like crazy. Now I know not truly next.

Thanks before,



Antwort von Mink:

The files are coming from the camera is compressed and for "normal" computer (handle more powerful than) hard to find. You should watch such files or convert to the Apple ProRes 422 format .... very simple example with the MPEG Streamclip is .... (freeware) ..... on youtube there is for the software "Foolproof" tutorials .....


Antwort von schtieeef:

And like the rest of windows looks out on pc? dafür gibts no ProRes 422! have specially put up a thread here! But no answer come synonymous, synonymous get my 7d and next week will be well prepared ... but it seems to go only with apple: (


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