Infoseite // Problem with Premiere Pro 2.0

Frage von Olli86:

Hi I have today for the first time Premiere Pro 2.0 used. Hab being about 2 hours of film material on the PC game. In 2 of the 6 clips, everything works wonderfully, the other appears instead of the film material in the Yellow Picture in several languages "Outstanding Media" stands. Is this a known bug? I do not know what I must do in the first two clips, I had the error synonymous, but only for a few seconds. I think that perhaps it is because my laptop for a long time now Möglicherweisse is synonymous because my PC is not quite the system requirements according erfüllt.Aber P Pro, I can still about 5 hours HDV footage on the PC game, so I actually had aussgeschlossen. Kann mir jmd helfen?
Mfg Olli.


Antwort von tsaG:

Your premiere indexed the clips, what that exactly means I do not AUH, which calculates the audio ...
bottom right would have a bar where the run is through, the clips are aligned or indexed.
only need to wait, greets


Antwort von Olli86:

Thank you very much that is very helpful!
I have now, however 2neue problems undzwar are some clips after a certain period of no longer sounds quite Syncron the Picture. At some other places, the sound for a few seconds from all over, but this is as far as I could see it grade, but only when the outside shots occurred. Maybe the program due to the strong wind noise? Is any event, bad as it is not synonymous of dialogue is heard;)
I hope that these problems be because my PC all day This is my old Premiere synonymous never well tolerated ...
Or perhaps there's another reason?


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