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Problem mit Firewire capture

Problem with firewire capture

Frage von Film-Neuling:
Mai 2006


I need to send a film project for school! Now, I have a problem bringing video to the plate!

Have a Canon MVX3i and the video via firewire will bring to the plate, but somehow Windows and Linux do not recognize my cam.

'm Slowly s.Verzweifeln.

Please help


Antwort von steveb:

is synonymous for you ... who seek the Lord newcomer is :-)


Antwort von Film-Neuling:

Thanks for the link - but do not help me.

Went through everything, and have still not working.
I tried it synonymous with a USB cable.

Other ideas?


Antwort von steveb:

ok if this does not help, we need more detailed information about your system. Hardware, operating system versions, etc. The more we know, the greater the "here to help you "....

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

Cam: Canon MVX3i
PC: Samsung X20 1730
OS: Win XP SP2, Ubuntu Linux 5.10

what information would be even more useful?

Antwort von steveb:

if you have usb 2.0, the camera should be detected immediately. if not, you try it s.einem another device if possible. narrow down the problem, you should erstmal sure that the camera principle of any computer is detected. Thus, you could then you concentrate on your calculator. Do you have the opportunity to test it s.einem Calculator to others? Do you have a USB hub plugged in between?

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

Camera is not recognized just not at my laptop, laptops and PC of a friend.

Antwort von steveb:

naja, we can now start the question and answer system will extend to any length, but if you maybe describe to the solutions you've already tried, it would simplify matters.

Have you already used synonymous another cable?

now would be my next question ;-)

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

the usb cable works - with other devices tested.
kable firewire I have nothing with which I could test it.

I proceeded only after manual. others have no idea how I should proceed.

know is: if I die kamera with ieee / stems infected usb cable is not the OS (Win / Linux).

Have I overlooked in the camera settings?

Antwort von steveb:

is because the USB port synonymous USB 2.0?

Antwort von Film-Neuling:


Antwort von steveb:

I'm sorry, now I might have ideas or if I would be sitting next to you ... especially when other equipment is not synonymous to work, I would suspect a human error or a cause s.der Camera.

I hope there are MVX3i user you can help. Unfortunately, I do not know this camera.

Antwort von quantos:

well, thank you for your help!
No one else has an idea?

Antwort von beiti:

My MVX3i has never made problems (Win2k, Adobe Premiere 6.0).

After the first time you plug via Firewire has auto-install the Microsoft DV Drivers shown) (as in the device manager. After that I could easily capture in Premiere.

The USB connector is designed MVX3i of my knowledge, just for downloading of photos of the card - not for video.

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

Do you have something eigestellt before.
Please describe the exact process that does nothing for me in fact

Antwort von beiti:

- Connect your camcorder with Firewire cable.
- Turn on your camcorder (VCR mode).
- When you first use it is just a message ( "found new hardware"), later the camcorder is still recognized.

Have you checked whether device after connecting and turning on the camcorder (via firewire!) In Device Manager, a Microsft DV (or similar) appears?

Antwort von quantos:

For me, neither displayed anything in the taskbar, nor is anything in the Device Manager appears.

Are there any settings in the menu's been taken?

Antwort von beiti:

Rotate the thing but we, at times, with what software you have tried to access the camcorder?

And it still was: the FireWire adapter at all correctly installed (it appears in Device Manager)?

In my case the Device Manager looks like as shown in the appendix. (Whether that looks similar to WinXP, I can not say for lack of Comparison.) The lower entry (FireWire adapter) is always there, but the upper sheet (Microsoft DV) always appears about 5 seconds after turning on the MVX3i.

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

I've tried with:
Nero Vision
Adobe Premiere Pro
Windows Movie Maker

everything has not worked out, the IEEE is installed and activated.

Antwort von beiti:

If detected, despite intact IEEE1394 adapter no DV device, it can really only be s.Kabel. Or, the camcorder is defective.

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

OK I'll get a new FW cable and notify me again


Antwort von Markus:

"steveb" wrote:

"Film-novice" wrote:
Thanks for the link - but do not help me.

How does this fit in it? The cause is still equal to the first and most common of all causes per se, if Firewire is not working. The contribution of way, I have recently updated, because it regards ...

"Film-novice" wrote:
OS: Win XP SP2

... was unwelcome news.

Related topic laugh / cry:
USB or Firewire?

Antwort von PowerMac:

Unfortunately it really annoying. Always the same questions. Debt is still synonymous with Microsoft's SP2. If only all posters but looking a little earlier ...

It's always like this:

s.Firewire cable break
b) Broken Firewire card
c) Windows XP SP2 creates trouble
d) Firewire patch for SP2 does not go
e) not be restarted
f) too stupid to use the program for editing (search function, Instructions, Manual: What is this?)
g) cracked pirated copy, which spins

I bet 99% of the cases are explainable!

Antwort von steveb:

it should actually be the FW cable ...?! Then there but hew!
Why is it then, and still asks and asks and asks and helps ... tsetse.

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

How did concern me a new FW cable and fct of dementia. still do not. Has anybody an idea, or can one describe me exactly how he's going?


Antwort von Markus:

Dear movie-newcomer

now you have several people reported that in Windows XP SP2 makes major problems. Further up you will also find a link where you can just read about what problems arise when and how. Furthermore, you could try the search function and look for similar issues.

Believe us, there is no elegant solution to this problem. Even the operating system will certainly not be impressed of a new Firewire cable, even if that should have cost 30 ¬. You must thank you for it when Miniweich (Microsoft) who have screwed up the fact.

And another link:
If the Service Pack 2 to blame?

PS: no links please understand as decoration, but can click and read. A little self-initiative, we'll have to assume, after all it is your problem and not ours.

Antwort von Film-Neuling:

Mhmm, I think you have not read the whole thread, as is already in my first post that I had the whole under Ubuntu Linux synonymous unsuccessfully.

Antwort von Markus:

"Film-novice" wrote:
Mhmm, I think you have not read the whole thread, as is already in my first post ...

Sorry, I had overlooked in the act. Then really there only remains the possibility that you, the DV Interface of your camcorder have grilled. To find out join the camcorder on a test basis s.andere computer. If synonymous because nothing moves, it is very likely s.der interface.

Learn More:
FireWire FAQ">6. (b) ESD - a fascinating subject!

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