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Frage von daniel003:


can someone help me? Have a SonyHandycam. have been synonymous beautiful videos rotated. Now I wanted to dub it on PC and then on DVD. I just do not get it bleit out the original quality. My picture will always hang and the sound is not synonymous comes afterwards so real. 've Tried different Programs. Was not synonymous to the burn better. I still have 100 GB free space. Now I have diligently filmed and not get the movies on DVD.?

Please help me


Antwort von AndyZZ:

1. only dub with Firewire (not USB!)
2. s.besten no parallel Programs
3. Enough space on the hard drive made available (1h DV = 13 GB)
4. 1h DV you get into hervorrangender Resolutionauf DVD
5. Data rate during compression to MPEG for video, if possible not greater than 8000 kbit / s. Then there's still room for the sound.

Otherwise you'd have to express yourself a bit more precise:
What have you done so far with what program and what settings? How extensive is your material? etc.




Antwort von Daniel003:

Erstmal Thanks for the reply. I tried it myself 3 programs. (I want to buy expensive since I am not a professional anyway), PowerProducer Gold, Windows Movie Maker and movies on DVD 2.0 and the included program of Sony. I tried both Firewire as synonymous USB. As I said, enough free space is available. I will produce no gutters, "Films". Evlt. something rausschneiden and add a sound. Must be, but not synonymous. Preferably the same for Camera on DVD (and that in a good quality). As I said if there was not always this jerk. So I have to use USB to ganrnicht. I read that it could be s.SP2 for XP? can it be?



Antwort von Markus:

"Daniel003" wrote: I read that it could be s.SP2 for XP? can it be?
Hi Daniel,

possible, as that link directly to you once I submitted two articles in which it is generally to "video on PCs," Firewire and solutions around. Perhaps you will find there a clue what you could try out yet. ;-)

" FireWire FAQ">camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images


Antwort von daniel003:

Alles Klar, thanks for the replies. Get in the near future once try whether I can fix the error with the help of the items listed.

Daniel Gruss


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