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Frage von Madde:

Good morning everybody!

The following, I need a countdown .. have the effect with the text> Figures pretty good .. but hinbekommen connect on two issues:

1. I can not have the numbers to position where I want. They are always placed in the center of the screen? Would like this), but happy to move (without animation.

2. I can only count up to 30,000, there is a way to change this?

Thx for help


Antwort von Jörg:

the position of the figures you put down by you expandierst you make will shape and size and settings.
For your own values, it is possible to create this means of expression is very comfortable.

expression in the source code you insert a text layer.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von Madde:

Alright, funzt that!

Thank you very much!


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