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Frage von Thorsten:


I read already a few days since anything on the topic but somehow I do not come next. So my concern, I must look forward. Sorry if it already several times, so similar was discussed.

I have a Canon HV10 get a gift, but no HD television, but is planned.

So, I took the last time something filmed as 10 mini DV tapes full. Unfortunately, everything in HDV format, thought it is no preference.
To view I always have this audio / video cable s.meinem TV and was quite excited how good the recordings are (is my first Cam).

Now, I wanted the films to play on PC and the problems began. No Firewire port! Had read here that you need, so bought and installed. Then, lacking the right software, so bought Studio10. Then I noticed that my hard drive is not enough, because it's huge amounts of data are therefore a 300GB hard drive purchased.
Cam but we recognize 1.2 GB of data so the program stops to work and write my hard drive is too slow for the amount of data incorporated. You can only record DV.

Unfortunately, I can not for the Cam I set the output in HDV wants.

So I need the pictures in HDV, the only way they would like to have as s.Television. This audio / video cables (red, yellow, white) is an analog cable?

Can not something I s.den PC where I have 3 cable dranmache and then play or record?

Is the quality the same then as when I use the Cam s.TV connect directly? Would like only the movies on DVD to send to my family.

Thank you for your help and sorry for such amateur questions.




Antwort von Axel:

The user manual is under the> menu> DV output following options:
1. "HDV / DV" (default): Plays in the auto mode which has been included with the.
2. "DV Locked": The transfer is limited to DV. HDV recordings are internal downkonvertiert.

Note: The setting can not be changed while the camera s.Firewire port of a computer is connected.

Your decision was correct: With an HDV Camera always in HDV recording, synonymous if you only as a DV capture.


Antwort von Genevare:

"Note: The setting can not be changed while the camera s.Firewire port is connected to a computer."

The attitude I had seen yesterday synonymous but they could not change it, well because s.Calculator it.

I test it right times. Danke schon mal for the tip.




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