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Probleme beim Aufnehmen mit Canon MV20

Problems capturing with Canon MV20

Frage von rippi77:
März 2006

I have trouble with ASufnehmen miene MV20 on the computer

> Habs with firewire connected
> Habs tried both with Windows Movie painters auc Premiere Pro 1.5 and 2 but not funzt

> At WinMovie Maker I get a distorted picture (raster look "not play) and the winMoviePlayer kanns
> At Prmier funz only the control (forward / rewind, etc.) of the camera but nothing else

hoping for your help many thanks in advance scho mal


Antwort von StefanS:

Your project settings do not expect random NTSC (because it is just like the default for video editing software) and your camera gives PAL?

The ordinary American is hard to imagine that there is life outside of the NTSC space :-)


Antwort von rippi77:

no, no

've surfed a bit and I've learned dfas must uninstall windows SP2, thanks anyway

Antwort von Markus:


I felt like the picture looked familiar ... only a pity that in the post MiniDV bringt nur pixeliges Picture
Problematik wird synonymous hier beschrieben:
if Firewire (not working properly)

Antwort von Edgar_mbc:


I had this problem with my Canon MV20 synonymous. Apparently it was caused by the installation of Service Pack 2 of Windows XP.

Experiments with Drivers upgrades or downgrades for the Firewire interface brought no change. Then I tried the same thing with the drivers on <Bildbearbeitungsgeräte / Canon Camcorders> in Device Manager. There were 14 files listed under Driver Details. I wanted it with the older versions from the Service Pack 1, etc. to replace the other hand, however, Microsoft has clearly built a strong backup. Again and again the files from SP2 was installed.

Only if the file I have been successful, and although a change in "kstvtune.ax. Before the SP2 version of August 2004 (61 kB was installed), now the DirectX version of June 2003 (installed 268 kB). It is for example in the C: WINDOWSsystem32dllcache.

With this change, my video works broadcast again as before the installation of SP2.
I hope it helps synonymous with you!


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Edgar,

this whole work / time you would have to save you, if your calculator would have had an image. For what reason you have SP2 installed at all? ;-)

Antwort von Edgar_mbc:

Hi Mark,

Some time ago I once had with Drive Image creates an image that has been missing me, but the experience, whether a replay really work reliably.
The old image I have now, however, availed little.
I had already installed SP2 over a year ago and since then plugged my camcorder not s.PC. I had hoped for a safety stop of SP2 profit.
An uninstall of SP2 after all this time I consider risky for something.
Perhaps I would throw back to the zero hour of my PC life?

Love Greetings

Antwort von Skippy:

Here is the detailed procedure directly from Microsoft (explain
then proceed, note that is, every point that the note please synonymous, because otherwise after connecting the camera will not work again):

It is possible the drivers MSDV.sys again back to the old Xp sp1
It should first state to bring the data secured.
These steps are only possible if the Calculator of XP Sp1 to XP Sp2
has been updated (If this is an installation with built-Sp2,
then need my old copy of the file MSDV.SYS a friend
or similar)

The steps are:
1. Camera Canon MV20 s.den Pc Connect
2. The camera then follows to remove
Start-> Control Panel-> System-> Hardware-> Device Manager
on imaging devices-> a Canon DV camera with the right
Mouse button to click-> Uninstall to remove the confirmation message to the
with "OK" to confirm Distance from PC Camera

3. Now the old drivers MSDV.SYS following dimensions re import
Restart the Pc, but in safe mode and as Administrator
Sign up (can of Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key when
Booting the system to achieve open) and the Explorer to
\ Windows \ Driver Cache \ i386 double-click the file "driver.cab" the file
"MSDV.SYS" search (the version number should be smaller 5.3.2600.2180,
Right-click on File-> Extract-> eg on desktop> right click on the
Extracted file on the desktop and on the Version tab) Right
the file "MSDV.SYS" -> Copy the file then in the following directories
: Paste
Windows \ system32 \ drivers
Windows \ system32 \ dllcache
(Calling on "Run" and type "c: \ windows \ system32 \ dllcache)
Windows \ LastGood \ System32 \ Drivers
directory to the Windows \ Driver Cache \ i386 go, there the File
Sp2.cab search and rename them.

Note: inf then still in the windows directory \
(Calling on "Run" and type "c: \ windows \ inf");
where the files "msdv.inf" and "msdv.pnf" in "msdv.infold" and "msdv.pnfold"
rename and replace the msdv.inf by an older Verson (SP1)
>>> If not done so, the msdv.inf (SP2) is always at the msdv.sys
Connecting the camcorder by the SP2 version to replace faulty

Restart PC Fair

4. When the PC is rebooted and the user is logged on, the DV
Camera Reconnect s.den PC and make sure the new
Hardware has been detected. If this is not the case, then look up,
whether the version number of MSDV File: SYS is less than 5.3.2600.2180.
it can happen synonymous when the camera comes back on, the
the system twice after msdv.sys Drivers. asks, then Drivers
Select and confirm msdv.sys of XPSP1 forever.

Antwort von Markus:

"Skippy" wrote:
Here is the detailed procedure directly from Microsoft (explain
then proceed, note that is, every point that the note please synonymous, because otherwise after connecting the camera will not work again ):...

This description, I'm going to the post

Antwort von DjDino (Toth Dominik):

According to these forum posts:
- Precisely this: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=8314366&postcount=13
is this MS update solved the MV20-synonymous problem:
3Bde% 3B893008 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%

Antwort von DjDino (Toth Dominik):

Oh, the fix is, unfortunately, English / ENU, so can not install XP on German easily.

Thus, it is nevertheless do the following:
Run Run the Registry (Start-> Control-> type REGEDIT)
Go to there:
[hkey_local_machinesystemcontrolset001control lslanguage]
There, in the right window at the bottom you will find the value: "Install Language". Using a mouse, right click on it you change it of 0407 (= German) to 0409 (= English)

Then remove and re-run the patch

Antwort von nurso:

Scheon and well the problem is only if you use win xp home can not switch to use of German in English and therefore the patch net: (
Gibts nen German by now? Find this no go.

Antwort von Dj Dino:

"nurso" wrote:
Scheon and well the problem is only if you use win xp home can not switch to use of German in English and therefore the patch net: (
Gibts nen German by now? Find this no go.

In my post above you still stands as one force to remove the patch synonymous on German Windows XP. This works synonymous with XP Home Edition, saw it myself on my German XP Home Edition (done) so and has worked.

Antwort von vicky:

Hello and cheers,

these instructions above, apparently works for me.

"Skippy" wrote:
Here is the detailed procedure directly from Microsoft ...

Where has this place confused me: "And the msdv.inf replace an older Verson (SP1)" - because an older msvd.inf I could not find the best of intentions.

Anyway, it worked. My Panasonic camcorder is once again kind enough to share data s.den Calculator. Previously, I had also the problem that broke off the Firewire connection.

Incidentally, the above-mentioned in other contributions, patches have not helped me.


Antwort von Markus:

"Vollwaschbär" wrote:
Incidentally, the above-mentioned in other contributions, patches have not helped me.

This is an experience which have now been several users: For each PC (hardware and software combination), there is obviously a very special solution, which is not so easily transferable to other systems. : - /

Antwort von Leo123:

for once not a question of a newcomer, because they're already all been resolved. Without regard to the tip of Skippy and the indication of Firewire?? HDVsplit to capture problems I had with my HV10 gekloppt probably already in the bin. A SUPER FORUM.

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