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Frage von DaAuxxburger:


I want to remark that I have absolutely no expertise on this topic have. I have the following problem: I have a Blaupunkt DVM 2000 rumstehen home and would like to join PC s.meinen. Unfortunately I do not know which cable I need to use or what kind of cable I need. I would like to use the video to stream NSV. At the video mixer, I wanted my 2 Connect your camcorder (Samsung VP D351 PAL) but I know there is not synonymous which cable I should use. If one is a Picture of the back of the video mixer needs can I like to receive by e.mail.

I am grateful now for the answers in advance.


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Antwort von megalutzi:


for the streaming quality is mainly something secondary, to the extent that there is no preference, as you connect cameras s.das mixer. So either via S-Video (Hosiden) or CVBS (BNC or RCA, dafür gibts adapter).

The video output of the mixer includes you s.ein to AD converter (synonymous optional S-video or composite). The AD converter (eg of Canopus ADVC110) are Firewire, so then in the calculator. Maybe you can not synonymous TV card or Videograbber (mainly USB) take. Qualitatively however, of disadvantage.


Antwort von DaAuxxburger:

First, many thanks! Could you please link me synonymous or company name such cables and transformers to sell? Because I can with all these terms are not much use to us at ebay and I was not really synonymous found helpful.

Greetings Andi


Antwort von megalutzi:

Hello Andi,

I was not angry, but if this is missing, maybe you should leave it and whether üerlegen streaming with a camera (possibly ne better webcam) is sufficient.

As always synonymous: cable and adapter comes with Pollin, conrad, ebay, elv ......
The Canopus ADVC110 gibts synonymous with eba or via google search. But is not quite cheap.

What de cable for connecting the cameras s.das mixer: a proof of the pudding is in the eating. Then a little superior to rummage in the range, again superior to ... Actually this is not difficult. And I do not know what outputs your cameras available. But you should already own to find out.


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