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Frage von RatloserGast:

Hi everyone,
I have one (as far as I can tell not synonymous atypical) Problem with importing the video files from JVC Everio camcorder.

The JVC Everio has even this relatively unusual. Tod format, combined with the. Moi timestamps. Now it has always looked on import so that I could connect the camera while without any problems, the calculator has, however, refused to import the files properly (and it was always the message "noDateien" or something similar). Although I had access to the files on the camera, but apparently were not always recognized as synonymous why importable videos.

My solution was to date: video files of not import the camera from, but directly copy the files then with converting a converter in a readable format (;. With death I could edit it synonymous nowhere) and then in connection with a video editing program in the video clips the duration of the movie and the soundtrack to an approximate length.

The whole thing is sadly disproportionate only labor intensive, and this is still a very problematic flicker, which is on the normal shooting not as visible (and I guess that with the format conversion related)

Has anyone any idea how I can fix these problems? I would be very grateful for any help.


Antwort von momentum:

My JVC GZ-HD7E lay with the Cyberlink PowerDirector 5 of. When I use the TOD files the first time this program open, it will be MPEG2 files that can actually handle any editing program should be. The quality does not suffer from this process.


Antwort von domain:

For me it is enough with some Extension Renamer (freeware) all. Tod files in one go in. Rename m2t. So that they can easily import already, but probably depends on the NLE is not possible everywhere.


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