Infoseite // Problems playing and editing of AVCHD files on Mac

Frage von Fräulein R.:

Hello everybody, I have a general question.
I bought in India a HDR-XR100 and just try to load the data into my Imac to. with the jpg's works, but how to do it with the video data? With what program can open the data at all? Cutting seems to sift through some forums articles to be still an unsolved problem?
I am grateful for any help!


Antwort von beiti:

If you've actually used the search, you should be encountered in the following ways:

- Dominate Native AVCHD editing with a really fast and one of the few Calculator Programs, the fleet halfway AVCHD Processing
- Conversion of the AVCHD files into an intermediate codec or MPEG2, which can process will be better
- Use a software that enables the proxy average (, so cut with Converted materials in reduced image quality, then) Calculation of the film in the original quality
- Conversion of AVCHD to DV - Video or MPEG2 (with standard resolution, but only suggest that if the finished film is certainly not in HD quality is required)

From an unsolved problem, you can not talk then. But of course there are things in AVCHD editing for improvement.


Antwort von Fräulein R.:

try after some research and I have now discovered that Final Cut 6:06 with logging and transmits the data transfer and they can be edited as synonymous. Thank you anyway!


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