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Frage von the_flasher:

Hello, I've got a small problem when exporting of clips with Magix.

The problem is that when I export a 16:9 video, all my players
VLC Player, Power DVD video as the 4:3 interpret.

I go as follows:

The video was shot with an HV20 recorded in 1080p 16:9, 25p

- I close my Cam, HV20 s.and take the video with the program HDVSplit on. Then I took a m2t file to mpeg file Magix than interpreted.

- I load the m2t file into Magix pure. Magix recognizes the 16:9 format and provides the video right in the preview dar. But if I click on the video and hit properties, then as 1440x1080 16:9.

1440x1080 is really not a 16:9, this is something I do not understand.

- I go to export and to mpeg
- I choose the preset from HDV2 for 1080i pal and still constitutes the interlace to progressive mode.

well-rendered and will now become, a 1080p video with 4:3 instead of 16:9.

I've tried a few things, but I can not hide behind what is wrong here.

Hat maybe someone of you experience this problem with that? I would greatly appreciate happy, because without knowing how to export, do I need with the cutting does not even begin.

Gruss theflasher


Antwort von Markus:

"the_flasher" wrote: 1440x1080 is really not a 16:9, this is something I do not understand.
The HDV2 pixels of a video image are typically rectangular, not typical of computer-square. The conversion factor is used as a pixel aspect ratio and indicates how much broader the stored picture to be displayed so that it appears correctly.

In this case it would be a factor of (1920: 1440 =) 1.333.

The Width of 1920 derives from the ratio of 16:9 and the Height of 1080th The rest is three-pronged approach.


Antwort von the_flasher:

Hi, thank you for this Hintergruninformationen, now I am missing only hints, as I practically can apply Magix.

I can provide a Resolutiondes videos of 1440:1080 to 1920:1080 alter, but that I have certainly inferior quality.

and if I HDV2 MPEG preset to use, tell me a Magix Resolutionvon 1920:1080 is invalid.

So I think with the change Auflöung not a good idea.


Antwort von Markus:

In this case describe a look what you with the exported video files like. Should they s.Computer be played, then they must respect and possibly image interlacing s.die idiosyncrasies of the computer world (ie. Preferably square pixels and save the image to align)

Are the videos on the other hand, after editing the video again in the area given that they must continue to meet the video requirements, in this case 1440 × 1080 pixels with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.333.


Antwort von kkutte:

Why do you the video of the HV20 is not the same with Magix on?
Then you have the correct ratio of synonymous as MPG


Antwort von the_flasher:

Hi, yes this way and thus it has actually funktinoert. Do a little time to investigate why the split with HDV did not work.

thx again theflasher


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