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Frage von Saibo7:

I have recently bought a Canon HF100 and synonymous'm really very happy with it.
To transfer the videos I have the camera via USB PC s.den closed and the videos or photos marked, cut out and on my external hard drive saved.
There I was able to watch the videos with Windows Media Player Classic or VLC player.
But now it is no more.
If I open a video then Picture me somehow delayed before and after a short time the sound starts with "bucking" at.
The sound is so choppy ... as for poor reception with the mobile phone.
If the soundtrack is already s.Ende running a few seconds, the next video track.
I have been synonymous the videos on the internal hard drive saved .... without success.
On the hardware it can not lie because it was so early and Blue Ray movies no problems.
Now I have after a while put on notice that the problems began when I had 9 installed PowerDVD.
Indeed PowerDVD plays the videos without problems.
I would just like to synonymous in the future, the smaller player as these are but a little faster.
Only I do not quite understand why these problems now with the codec have.

mfg mF


Antwort von ersteinmal:


synonymous if you do not want higher, the main reason is the hard drive, aka the defragmentation, aka any other cleats Programs require the system resources.

Mach mal ein Defrag, and watch old times CTRL Del as your calculator is busy.

PS: Messenger or IE in XP are so integrated that they can nullify the system.



Antwort von Saibo7:

Please excuse that I am now only register once again but I had the whole week had no opportunity to respond.

On the hard drive it can not lie. This is always defragmented and cleaned up.
Moreover, the comic that the problems with the installation of PowerDVD have begun.
PowerDVD usually need more power than the small player that I need otherwise.
PowerDVD is running at my best but the young players need at once far too much power .... the multiple of what they have previously used.

mfg mF


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