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Frage von FrankSchmitz:


I have a problem that drives me almost to despair and hope, therefore, on your support.

And although I want to film a screen shot with Camtasia, which I then post-process with existing Pinnacle yet.

Kompressionstechnisch it would probably be best if I save the video as AVI (so at least my layman's opinion). However, I have not yet managed to be able to open and edit the video in Pinnacle. Either the quality was too poor (illegible) or Pinnacle has with the message that it is not a standard video format, only a green box appears.

Is this now s.falscher encoding? Has anyone experience with it and can help me next appropriate?

Danke schon mal!

- Camtasia Studio 3
- Pinnacle 9SE
- Pinnacle 10


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Frank,

AVI is a so-called container format and only describes that the content can consist of audio - and video data. Which codec or compression in which you have created the AVI file?

That you can using an existing AVI file and the video file diagnostics program GSpot easily obtain.


Antwort von FrankSchmitz:

Hi Markus,

I did not expect with such quick and competent responses, have I set up - contrary to my habit - a cross post.

In any case, I am now) through the use of the codec "PICVideo M-JPEG 3 VfW Codec" pretty much s.Ziel (except for small uncertainties.

See here:

But a big thank you!


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