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Probleme beim capturen von DV Material

Problems with DV capture of material

Frage von Tino1:
Juni 2006

Hi Folks

I installed nue PPro, works fine except the Uerberspielen of Materiel DV to HD. The following scenario makes me mad: start PPro, F5 capture window open, camera is detected, device control works, play then pressed record, display blablabla seconds added, 0 frames gedropped, Escape key, NO window will rename the clip and save. On the HD is just a huge 125k file, regardless of the duration of the clip. Recording with Movie Maker works fine. In the Adobe forums, no one knows know. Ev. You have a good idea? Grateful for any tip.

Best regards

Antwort von Stefan:

What is in the "large 125k file?

Good luck
The thick Stefan

Antwort von holymoly:

[premierepro premierpro or 2?? benantworung as prepro2 - user]

I had s.anfang (yah, is a few weeks ago grad mal) synonymous, until I normally wait until after the capture of the "stop" button and have got to the bottom right of the blue beam (which is always enscheint when new assets in Bibilothek) inserting after tender was gone again - then the viedo file was complete as synonymous.

Play then pressed record, display blablabla seconds added, 0 frames gedropped, Escape key (?), NO window will rename the clip and save

erstmal all (synonymous appear consecutively in the same window) gecapturten videos synonymous then in the Bibilothek if the borrowing window is not closed (ie "esc" rather "demolition" as "stop"). And will bennant first, the tape and the other to the capturnde clip - both in the recording window, which may be subsequently made synonymous in the premier Bibilothek and in the bridge. (Do not naming them, the new video file "New video clip 01" or so called) would

this 125k file - it has the names of the recorded videos or what is completely different?
(as you capture your-files so I do not even think you were named, would have the file (if it is because a capture file) is actually "New Video Clip 01" or just say something like that)

[I am still long until I am here to offer me such komentare not really, but I dare to go once to ask if your hard drive has enough free memory, perhaps because there is the capture folder of movie maker so on another hd and therefore there may läufts and rightly so.]

Antwort von steveb:

I still long until I am here to offer me such komentare actually not too

Who said that? What matters is whether true or false, or helpful or not!

Antwort von holymoly:

I still long until I am here to offer me such komentare actually not too

Who said that? What matters is whether true or false, or helpful or not!

naja - I did not come across as a cheeky greenhorn. And sometimes there is so synonymous in such cases, the truth or the right wrong.

Antwort von steveb:

If the questioner will be helped with it ... here is almost everything ... so legitimate, "trust you" :-)

Antwort von Tino1:

Thank you for your input. I have something weitergepröbelt and learn the following: I will appear insert the constant large 126k file into the project the message: Failed to import file, "unsupported format or damaged file". What exactly is in the file I do not know, once they've added as an attachment here. Do not know exactly what holymoly with, "says the blue bar. When I appear at the top Aufnahemfenster the message, press frames blablabla added to terminate the recording of the ESC. HD has enough space (50G). Still quite baffled.


Antwort von holymoly:

file attachment has probably somehow hingehauen nich. synonymous and have no idea what this file might be. jamend white rat? (the extension of the file I would guess this or interested in the type, is given of the premiere)
Otherwise just delete the file and look, whether the One writes again and again. (yes would be great if there premiere writing an error log or something would yah)

"the blue bar is" only ladebalken a standard that the status of the asset-imports displays. similar to the load status of web site browsers. but I think time is no preference, for that indeed happened before in passing. (the "blue beam" is not in the recording window, but in the main window of premiere right bottom of the status bar)

times I would not "esc" but really the "stop button" to stop pressing the capture and then watch me, if everything runs well.
how long does your capture it? it is auto canceled?

do you see in the device-control mode, the image of the dv cam in prmemiere monitor (synonymous during the capture)? what happens if you just "play" press (without recording) - then everything goes off without problems? (this is the case, the firewire interface, at least not broken) or go alone, and not just the recording?

but otherwise this is perhaps really a hardware conflict, or even broken, but this presumption, I do not want to confirm.

(low hdd writing speed? or too many programs running in the background that could interfere with the data stream, or eat to have lots of RAM? too many s.der map (s.der your cam) and actively running infected hardware others? (USB oa))

(with two festplatten times to ensure that the file is saved on the hd, installed at the premiere is synonymous (for me though is synonymous to synonymous ner second hd and on the LAN to other nem pc but you never know) - is the already the case, a different memory or capture folder select)

Antwort von Tino1:

Hello Holymoly,

Thank you for your commitment. This file has the extension *. avi and can therefore not be attached. Your idea with the stop button, I've tried, no success. Yes, I see the Picture s.PC while recording, instrument control works properly. The only problem is hot, as I said, if I appear to finish recording (Stop or Escape) no default window that asks me how the clip. Over in - and outpoint set and then record clip, can I insert the clip in the Project window. I Draw it on the timeline and scrub it with a red box that says "Media Offline" appears in many languages. Ev. a hint?

Thanks and regards

Antwort von Markus:

"Tino1" wrote:
This file has the extension *. avi and can therefore not be attached.

Hi Tino,

avi file to move into a zip compressed folder and then append the zip file. ;-)

Antwort von holymoly:

oh, well if the post is still relevant for Tino1 would be doubtful ...
but nevertheless:
The only problem is hot, as I said, if I appear to finish recording (Stop or Escape) no default window that asks me how the clip.

yes, the problem is garkeine, because such a "default window" does not come when you have a Stop Recording. Premiere bennent the file itself, and lists them at the stop after the capture in Bibilothek. I think standard is "new video clip 01" or something. You can name the capture file indirectly to the capture by you) in the capture or recording synonymous window (F5 on the right of the name for the band and notes for the video clip. eg, "Vacation 2005". The video gecapturte then called "vacation 2005 01.
advantage of this is automatic, that in automatic scene detection once the band goes through, and after each cut or stop signal on the band, writes a new file. ie: "Holiday 2005 01", "Vacation 2005 02", "Vacation 2005 03" ... etc.
you will be able to wait so long and in vain for such a window.

book now solves your problem, but not synonymous, because there are so apparently garkeine video files (except those 125KB file) in your project Bibilothek.

guck mal please in your capture folder on the hdd (you somewhere to learn or window's options) whether there are any files (default is dv-avi's)

otherwise guck nochmal in the settings in the capture window to the right if there's something (unfortunately there are very few adjustments since)

Otherwise - well - you take on and there will not be included.
I do it like that.
- Cam connect
- Premiere launch
- F5
- Cam switch on and rewind band
- Clip name type
- Enable scene detection
- Recording press
- Press stop and wait briefly
-> "New clip 01 'in the capture folder and in Bibilothek

ja mal nen can attach screen shot shows the surface after your premiere recording with the windows open and visible absorption Bibilothek. (and veilleicht another screenshot of the recording window during the recording, and possibly with setting window)

Antwort von Tino1:

Oh, but my problem is still unsolved. Have such a great time 126k file attached as a ZIP file. Ev. that tells you what stuff. Thank you for your Duchaltewillen.


Antwort von Markus:

Without further examination by GSpot can say the following: The AVI file is 126 kbit n.groß, ie 1008th In the properties I see that this is a video with a Resolutionvon 720 × 480 pixels (ie NTSC, PAL not valid in this country?) With an audio bit rate of 1024 kbit / s. Would be contained in the file only sound, the play would run a little less than 1 second. With video (as DV?) Is the duration of the question.

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