Infoseite // Problems with JVC GR-DA20

Frage von iKevke:

I have currently two problems with my video camera.

The first problem: At that time I accidentally once the 'data-cable' pulled off without the camera / PC when logging off.
Since then, they can not connect with the PC and the Device Manager, etc. I have not much idea.

The second problem: When I joined my camera so s.meinen Television at the results there might be transfer to DVD, the picture did not look like a 'usual' Picture, but flared up at the right page, while the red all the time, blue and green diagonal lines went down the screen. Has this something to do with s.Television settings. Or something wrong with Camera & not cable?

Greeting iKevke


Antwort von toxitobi:

the other devices you should first rule out the cable synonymous, because who says that it is actually s.deiner Camera? Test even a few more PCs and Television Make calls and then with the support. Warranty?
A friend Pc nerd / expert will certainly join you in the DV camcorders help, especially since it sometimes needs several attempts to synonymous
s.der pc recognizes the Cam and
b, the next moment the editing software actually recognizes the Cam works as well as synonymous to the controller.

gruß Toxitobi


Antwort von iKevke:

I think warranty is now expired. The cable I have myself several times-and an unplugged and restarted the PC. A computer-nerd I do not need umbedingt. I have more experience than most I know. The other suggestions I can not try umbedingt, simply because no other pc extra half ten in Germany for me and my problems booting up.
So now even my question: I have the feeling that my DV cable is garbage anyway (Philips). Is there a way somehow the camera via a USB 2.0 port to connect (possibly a cable)?

I am no preference whether it takes place graphics and sound loss because there is definitely a record of a phone camera.

Thanks for the answer, synonymous when it should not really help.
(Call support is not a good idea because they will say to me: "Oh God, I know. But rather it will benefit the DV cable of the JVC enrich their lives.)


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"IKevke" wrote: Picture ... ... the flared out to the left page, while all the time red, blue and green diagonal lines went down the screen ...
If the disturbance s.Television only or is it synonymous to see on the screen of your camcorder? Only one tape or several synonymous recorded earlier? Maybe you can synonymous features a short somewhere Beispielclip upload.

"IKevke" wrote: ... The feeling that my computer is garbage anyway have cable ...
How Toxitobi already wrote: If you suspect a problem with that, then you get another Firewire cable for comparison. The above image problem may of course have nothing to do.

"IKevke" wrote: ... Is there a way somehow the camera via a USB 2.0 port to connect ...


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