Infoseite // Problems with JVC GY-HD200 and AY-DVM63PQ Tapes

Frage von Fonfara:

For about two years we use in the City TV JVC GY-HD200. We mainly produce SD material. From the outset, we take the Panasonic AY-DVM63PQ tapes, which were well praised here in the forum frequently as error-free and high quality. Just because we have a different experience. Again and again we are spitting in the Picture and Sound, Picture and Stripes in sometimes whole misfire of Picture, Sound and TC. At JVC, we were told that would s.den bands. They would smear their heads, which indeed synonymous matches the error descriptions. We should in future only take another JVC Pro HD tapes of type M-DV63PROHD. But they are twice as expensive, and mistakes are synonymous here reached after several shots. The other bands were an older series, which is known for errors. The cameras are each down more than 300 head hours, with cleaning tapes and have been professionally cleaned for JVC, but unfortunately no improvement.
S.euch Now my question: How do you see the thing? Is it s.den tapes? Or maybe s.den cameras? What experiences have you done? And does anybody really exactly what produces the ribbons Manufacturers and sold? Supposedly there are only two major producers, the same bands under Panasonic, TDK, and others sold.
Maybe someone can help me.

Thanks in advance


Antwort von hofnarr:

As far as I know there are at least three OEM producers of dv / hdv-tapes: panasonic, sony and tdk.

panasonic is (was;?) is the largest among the three, and manufactures (e?) synonymous with bands jvc and canon label. sony is the number two, followed by a number of tdk three. the original manufacturer of fuji and maxell are not known to me. accurate only know the producers, but who want nothing away ...

jvc m-DV63PROHD run smoothly for me so far. dropouts can eg synonymous with a band introduction injured in drive caused. kassettenwechseln after two years and countless one should not exclude sowas ...


Antwort von Fonfara:

We have no other tapes used. To 99% ... it was the PQ tapes.

So if I change to the JVC tapes, but basically I use Panasonic.

The JVC tapes I would not buy because they are twice as expensive as the PQs. And 50 tapes a month, we produce every day halt, this will be pretty expensive.


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