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Frage von hdaw:

Do me now the little Panasonic HDC SD 9 purchased.
With Pinnacle Studio 11 plus the video, I can not see properly.
I can download the movie, but when you play the picture remains partially or it freezes and the sound is next.
Previously I had a HDC SD 5 with this camera everything ran perfectly, only with the HDC SD 9 strike the playing and editing.
The previously recorded movies with SD 5 work flawlessly

I must at the Studio at the Camera imagine what I have understood it in the best Quality HA (1920x1080) high quality 25 p to a digital, asked.
With the HD Writer 2.5, I play the movie on the PC, with the HD Writer makes it easy to play, only in the Pinnacle, it is not possible.
Please advice
Did Asus G1 Laptop Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz, 2 Gig RAM Nvidia 7700 go, Vista Home Premium,

Thank you sincerely


Antwort von immanuelkant:

... try recording with 1440x1080 (most likely the format of the SD5?).


Antwort von pinpan:

I did a week ago the same problem. Do you already have a solution?
I was only with the HDWriter mpeg movies with Pinnacle and then edit it. The quality loss is not acceptable if one has an HD Camera.
Greeting pinpan


Antwort von archen bläckedeit:

Have the same problem! Have a Panasonic HDC SX5. Recording in standard mode, no problem, but in HD mode, the film falters and the sound is next. I'm already in the quality has gone down to 1440, but the benefits do not synonymous. Is really annoying, had such a great camera but the quality can not use. Synonymous already have memory and graphics card nachgelegt, without success. Need urgent help.
What is wrong? Camera or Pinnacle?

When successful, I help one from ;-)

Gruß, Axel


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