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Probleme mit VirtualDub - capture mode

Problems with VirtualDub - capture mode

Frage von Lord_Femto:
April 2006

Hello dear helpers,

I need something striking out next to explain my problem.

I play the online game Ragnarok. And I wanted to record something as ingame to make it into video. It's an old hand at Half Life, etc.
Well, there was for me always the possibility to make it with Fraps. (we only speak from recording and not) from the Edit. As for me, but Fraps eats a lot of resources, time, I have been looking for alternatives.
A famous gave me the tip to do it them with VirtualDub. And he erleuterte me as follows.

I was to my graphics card (ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis), an S-video cable (yellow ends) connected with a notebook. So I did this. I have placed a terminal adapter of this round of RCA and joined s.meinem notebook. The problem was simply that I had no TV in s.meinem notebook. So I took a USB device that I had somewhere in the closet. This part is called Pinnacle MovieBox Deluxe. So RCA in of the USB Device and thence via USB to the notebook.

Then I installed the drivers for the device. Was recognized everything, etc.
Now I have started VirtualDub (1.6.14) and started to be calibrated. Under Device, I selected the Pinnacle.

zum Bild

Selected in Video -> capture video decoder filter when NTSC_M. (This part shows me that although I have a line but no signal.

zum Bild

Then I have on my PC, where the game is synonymous s.gestellt on it, put under right-click -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> display -> the TV -> and synonymous to NTSC-M.

zum Bild

My buddy said that now would have come across a signal. But that does not happen. Did any of you any idea what's the problem?

Antwort von coconut:

But is the MovieBox NTSC_M?
I know the part is not ....
When in doubt, try it just once with PAL

Antwort von Lord_Femto:

Once thank you for your reply.

How do you see in the second picture, I'm picking from NTSC (with the filter) for the MovieBox.

I have tried it with PAL. The result is that the same problem persists.

Antwort von coconut:

I'm assuming that you S-Video output with the Special usually have the ATI cards. There is then bi adapter, which this time reduced to a Ausgangn composite (yellow RCA).
From there, you have led an RCA cable s.The MovieBox ....
Now, I know, from personal experience, the V-Dub is there sometimes a bit peculiar. Try it once with the VirtualVCR. He is a lot less problematic. Simply find on google.

Mal was quite "stupid". The preview is un V-Dub, but switched?
You will find in video as a "preview".
If ir is off by default on ....

Antwort von Lord_Femto:

Hello coconut,

Yes you are right. My PC has an ATI graphics card I s.der such an adapter must vorklemmen, which now goes to RCA, then to the MovieBox.

And I have set Preview; P

But something else.
You said above that this is in effect a composite output. Ergo, I have made video source to composite video. With moderate success.
For now appear on the second screenshot (see above) at a 1 signal
I think we got it all a bit closer.

However, I still have no video on my desktop despite switched Preview.

I've tried VirtualVCR. There had made the same settings. I have also selected for the preview in the Smart Tee Filter View and under Filters.
But then folgenderFehler:

Error rendering the Smart Tee filter preview pin!

Antwort von coconut:

At the VCR, this error occurs if the codec can Resolutionnicht.
just take time to test 352x288 (PAL) or 320x240 for NTSC.
That is as it were, the minimum standard.
Which codec do you have selected. Anything else, the composite is transferred, only the picture, so no sound. If you do not need, uncheck capture on audio. Applies to both V-Dub V + VCR

Antwort von Lord_Femto:


Audio was / is disabled.

I use this as a codec DivX codec 6:11

Now comes with Virtual VCR, 320x240 when I select the following error message:

Can not Set Video Format: E_FAIL: 80004005

And if I wirll change in V-Dub the format will appear:

The capture device does not support the selected video format.

(YUY2 320x240)

Unfortunately funzt not synonymous with other resolutions.

Antwort von coconut:

RGB attempt to set times and pay attention to the frame rate (frames / sec.).
NTSC = 29,970
PAL = 25,000

In V-Dub, he tells you that the box does not support this format (YUY2).
PS DivX, I would not advise you. Because high Kompresion = A lot of work for the CPU and then capture the still ..... goes wrong.
Aka Huffyuv v2.2.0 codec is freeware udn works very quickly. However, the files are synonymous sufficiently large.
Anything goes Alparysoft Lossless codec. More compressed, but is synonymous very quickly and the quality is synonymous OK

The whole is a zusamenspiel of hardware and software.
The hardware must be able to what you set in the software and they must be able to support and what can the hardware and what you set ....

Antwort von Lord_Femto:


I have now loaded the codec selected and. The frame rate synonymous adjusted. 320x240 and stop custom frame size or something like that selected.

But unfortunately, I can only select YUY2 and if repeated übernhemen the settings were the same mistakes ...

It's crazy to be somehow Q_Q

Antwort von coconut:

Well, times have just googled briefly and a contribution (at slashcam! Wid found), where rumors that the box only with Pinnacle products would funtzen .....
When delivery of the box is a corresponding software here (Hollywood FX pros). If you have these you should try it with them.

PS: VideoAktiv writes in a test this: "Pros: beautiful design of the converter box. Cons: not an executable hardware, software instability."

Is probably not the Brüller ....

Antwort von Lord_Femto:

hmmm. somehow I would have thought me. damn ..... ^ ^

can you tell me then recommend a possibility, as I can doing that? So my alternative nen usb device? because I will not fall back on pinnacle?

Antwort von coconut:

Yes, because good advice is expensive ...
I myself have only captured with a desktop calculator for this and similar videos first used a TV card. The whole of the V-VCR. Went quite well. Then I had put on me a DV card of ED. (It's a fitting part with BreakOut). This it does with analog and digital. In & Out.

There are several options for you. On ebay a so-called video grabber with USB for approx.30 - teuros. Of these, I advise you but from. USB is eigendlich not really suitable for video recording. Although it may go for your purposes. When in doubt, clarify in advance how and under what conditions you can return the thing.

Better would be a box with firewire port. But they cost much more ... whether it's worth to you??

Stop. Have you ever tried synonymous 720x480 / NTSC)?
You may want to not smaller. Experiment makes you smart ...

Antwort von Lord_Femto:

Again, only the same error message.

What now?

Antwort von coconut:

well, then you can try it only with Pinnacle ....
You can find here eg
Otherwise, only other hardware, or at least Fraps

Test it first time but perhaps even whether a Picture comes out of your system.
Locking the Composite Cable Television s.den at times ....
we do not fool ourselves here, and the GraKa has no functioning or output must be activated only in the Drivers ...

Antwort von Lord_Femto:

Hmmm ... somehow from Pinnacle, I reject
Can you call a good firewire grabbers? Respectively. post a link?

I have tested it on TV and there is a signal. If, then, to say that I am, what I see on the desktop, I see on the television.

Ergo, it must indeed be s.dem Device ... grml ^ ^

Well, yes.

Antwort von coconut:

Now that there are already good, but they are quite expensive.
Look at the Would that be the answer for you? If you hurry you: here
Or stop in order Otherwise, does a really good converter ca.170 .- teuros canopus .....( 55)

Antwort von Hyperactiveman:

So I would suggest GameCam! Resources far gentler than fraps!

Antwort von Lord_Femto:


I am again ^ ^

I have now bought a USB 2.0 grabbers. (40 ¬)
Now I have connected it, drivers installed, and lo and behold! It comes to a video signal.


1st) I only Resolutionvon can 320x2xx set.
2.) When I run the game still up and come here in between really bad lines.
3.) The Picture somehow flickers

Is it that the notebook has only USB 1.1?

Antwort von coconut:

"Lord_Femto" wrote:

1st) I only Resolutionvon can 320x2xx set.
2.) When I run the game still up and come here in between really bad lines.
3.) The Picture somehow flickers

Is it that the notebook has only USB 1.1?

To1), probably because of USB 1 The data rate of USB 1.1 is low.
ZU2) Can your laptop be simple, it should serve the game and simultaneously transfer the data from the picture compression and ....
Zu3) that is (I suspect) s.der Kompresion ....

Antwort von Lord_Femto:

would you then propose to exchange it and I get this pcmcia card too?

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