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Frage von Henry T.:

I greet you all!
I'm new to the forum and am not sure whether I can ask questions, but try it anyway.
My problem is this:
I have a Canon MV 750i and the Adobe Premiere 7 Pro editing program. When importing or capturing most of Clips for Camera program, I recently lost an extreme amount of frames. The recorded clips jerk and are therefore extremely useless. I lose in 5 sec recording at the 8 frames. In the device control, the MV 750i is not available, so I'll take the STANDARD option. At the mini-DV tape, it is not synonymous, it is so in all tapes. The problem is me, but new. Even a month ago it worked smoothly. Do I need a drivers for my camera, or do I specify in the device control model akin to one of the camera? Should I reinstall Adobe, or I have too little space?

I would be great if you give Could you give me tips. Schonmal I thank you in advance
grüss you,


Antwort von VolkerS:


when suddenly a problem that was not there before (I screw me now my parakeet story, plus all the problems were not there before they are encountered for the first time) it may help to consider what has changed in the meantime. Do you have any Progamme installed in the background (antivirus, firewall, running ect. Brake) and the PC, or maybe change the recording directory (recorded on C:?)?
A good tip is always synonymous to defragment the hard drive.


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hello Henry T.!

That indeed seems to be a continuous problem (8Frames per 5sec) and are your calculator is probably faster than 2.5 GHz, the following tests are useful:

First test would be really:

"Volker" wrote: A good tip is always synonymous to defragment the hard drive.

Second test SP2 (possibly a SP2 issue):

Furthermore, I would take a look at your RAM throw (all still there?).

Only when your calculator is slower than 2.5 GHz is, I believe the problem are looking at applications. However, even with virus scanners, CONTINUOUS LOSS RATE to the extent difficult to comprehend. ( "Sooner" has been captured with 800MHz and less. As for a virus scanner should be more than enough buffer to be).



Antwort von Markus:

Since it is next:


Antwort von Henry T.:

Thanks Mark!


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