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Frage von sXs.Hannes:

Good day

(; Times, I hope I've landed here in the right forum, I'm new to the Slashcam Forum)
So, I have (to me today at a nearby youth club as a Canon XL 1 camera for my technical work; borrowed trailer).
In the sample as received, unfortunately, there were some problems:

- The Sound: The background was a constant, very loud noise.
I have noticed that the views of Micro camera light is bent to some. A "jogging" in the right position has reduced the noise. Has anyone since irgeine idea how to improve the next (; audio settings already tried out)

-The dub: I use Sony Vegas for capturing. When capturing of the Canon were either dropped many frames, the picture got stuck and it caused interference effects, capturing most of the time were simply not at, because Vegas has shown it would be a communication error, or did the camera at the command played out in Vegas while rewinding / , Vegas has not recognized this, however.
Just have the DV tape (in my other camera; done Panasonic NV-GS80), since the dubbing has worked without problems.
Evt s.Firewire is the connection? 've Heard there were 2 species and the like - because, unfortunately, so am well versed.

And: Is it "ok" is a dubbed tape of packing a camera to a different one for? Is there a difference in coding or what do I know which can lead to damage to the ligament or quality loss? (; Possessions in the 2 clips that I sometimes [view errors] of the Canon and the Panasonic captured did not differ from the same tape)

Also appeared in the recordings, especially s.Anfang, sometimes very disturbing large fragments, the first recording was disturbed them so that you could see virtually nothing. (; HoW large rectangular pixels).

I begin to see at tomorrow's shoot, so I would be very grateful for any quick help;)


Antwort von Regie88:

I can not really help, unfortunately, can only speak from experience .... have a canon xl1 and synonymous use vegas for me this works without problems synonymous via firewire capture

but can not follow your question with another dub with the cam .... I tried had a minidv band included with the XL1 with my Panasonic NV-GS-75 to dub ... sowas of it went in my pants ... Only disturbances in picture and the sound did not come to the right place ...
the XL1 was a pity to spare and not dub anything with it ...


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