Infoseite // Problems with the Windows Media Player 11

Frage von Tuvok:

familiar yes, Avi click Windows Media Player 11 opens, watch film
but now for some time, all opinions are not full screen but as a kind of broadcast is to see
s.bild like to see is, unfortunately, is that nicth dss Picture from the movie what I've photographed, is the excerpt from the film content is not full screen, and I have nothing s.den settings changed.
we can say to me why that is and how to change?


Antwort von tommyb:

This is because the films from dubious sources come:]


Antwort von vaio:


Video file, WMP11 opens and starts playing.
Now right mouse button, video size 100% and checkmark "When resizing video s.Player Customize" set. WMP window shrink and enlarge again and the video will now be "raised". Alternatively you can synonymous the F11-button "press (full play). All this is of course synonymous in the WMP menu. Video size 100% means that the video file in the original size played / displayed. Did you maybe some time since a new monitor and / or the Resolutionverändert? Perhaps you are so small before ( "Ausschnit ...")...



Antwort von Tuvok:

ne nachricht was permanently
've uninstalled wmp
unfortunately comes with winamp nachricht
with every song played again and winamp is closed, the message
instead of WMP 11 is now up VLC is much better and simpler


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