Infoseite // Problems with the sighting of an HDV tape

Frage von Nacho:


I have major problems with a HDV tape and the HV20.

When I press play on the run time code for a few seconds, then he will remain - but the tape is next, not a picture to see. When I press stop on the camera shows at once the correct time code again (ie the time difference, since the camera ran. But if I play shortly after hit on Fast Forward can I run fast to see pictures, so has the camera already.

If the cartridge still help? The recordings are very important!

A defect in the camera is excluded, other tapes work properly.

I am grateful for any help!



Antwort von derchiller:

First Council would be on another camera, perhaps synonymous HV 20, try it. Second Council: where the real importance of specialized firm to rescue possibilities ask.


Antwort von Markus:

See synonymous:


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