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Frage von kati:

Hello s.alle!
I am writing here for the first time and am an absolute novice. No idea of nothing. Have I bought a Samsung Digital Cam VP D 301 PAL. Would now like to invite the movie to my PC. With the USB cable and the software DVC Media synonymous this works, but I see the film more or less in slow motion. Why might that be? On television we see the film super well.
Have a PC AMD Athlon XP 2400 +. 2 GHz, 480 MB RAM, Windows XP.

No idea how to run the movies so slowly. To know from anyone there?
PS; Had first post in the wrong forum. Sorry. 'm Just new here.


Antwort von Sascha:


USB is too slow for video dubbing. This is intended to transfer more pictures from the Pc.
I assume from that you'll need a Firewire cable. The Firewire is faster transfer rates possible.

Info's here in the forum. Keywords Firewire or iie1394.



Antwort von GhostDog:

Thank you, Sasha. Then I will read my views. Hope I get here (am in Madrid) synonymous so'n cable without any problems and it may be synonymous stuck in camcorder and PC. But times have researched on the Internet. The cable looks so similar like the USB cable. Then the connections are probably synonymous fit. Do not ask me just why the dealer has told me anything like this in the purchase of the camcorder. I had told him that is an extra that I want to see the VIDEO then synonymous PC. Oh well.
Thanks synonymous then.


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Kati,

a Picture with Firewire connectors (and more information on the subject) you find here: FireWire FAQ">"s.PC connect your camcorder and capture shots". Firewire cable there are synonymous in Madrid. ;-)


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