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Professionelle Beleuchtung per Video-Tutorials erklärt

Professional Lighting by video tutorials explains

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
März 2009

Professional Lighting by video tutorials explains of thomas - 29 Mar 2009 17:44:00
Lutz Diekmann said in his series of approximately 10 minutes long HD training tutorials the right lighting. In the erstensecond dritten erstenfourth ersten
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Here is the link to the news with links and images on the pages Slashcam Magazine

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Probably more for beginners who have never been lit. Experts are expected after 5 minutes off already: In which is first shown that in light of the suitcase with 3x 650W labeled, 3 lamps with 650 watts are + Tripods ;-)
If this tutorial but s.Beginners directed, why with so many expensive headlights work? Would have interested me, as he with the scene in the car park Baustrahlern illuminates ^ ^

Otherwise relatively simple and made some recordings (even intermediate pans) for a tutorial are not well lit.
If you look at the explanation for the illumination in the car park watch, we also doubt whether it is a spot on the headlights, which will be explained. However, as all the lights are placed, a little lacking ...

But since we are not the moderator in the tutorial or want to criticize the cut, we can say: Beginners looking for, so that the lighting will be better!
In this sense: Thanks for the link!

Many greetings,


Antwort von Axel:

Well, Constantin: Beginners who have never lit ...
Of course, here are quite straightforward shown, but they will be shown in their effect. For those who are synonymous with Baustrahlern or so-called video lights, perhaps even more often a room made bright, give it at least an inkling that a better place. And although synonymous with simple, cheap lighting and especially of using brighteners, which I find synonymous. The sponsor is probably their fault that almost only for each target appears unattainable Equipment (a Styrofoam plate from the building is lost as a look), s.krassesten at the HMI level lens, so with the 140 ¬ Tagesmiete "astonishingly efficient" is (as swallows, Udo Müller, was in his Tripod Purchase cheaper), but by Erklärbär Lutzen patiently coaxing it is clear that only a professional to the amateur intimidated Scheubeck wishes (and desire to make his training DVDs).

Antwort von joey23:

Well, finally things are of course Bebob gesponored. And if according to which it leads naturally s.professioneller technology is no alternative. The tutorials are all nicely done, I miss the professionalism, however, as I seriously Purchase the DVD, they would. And since Geheimnnisse are certainly not synonymous ventilated.

On the subject of light, I can "The sun always seems chnisische of bottom recommend ..


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi Joey,

Now I am curious. Firstly you say, in the opinion of a manufacturer of professional equipment "wenns which leads s.professioneller technique is of course no way around"
Other hand, here in this thread said that unfortunately I have no Bauscheinwerfer used.
I am of the opinion synonymous, for the production of a good movie there is no way s.Profiequipment over. Synonymous But the knowledge of the application.
And you say, you missed the DVDs at the professionalism. How does that work? Bauscheinwerfer - no professional equipment show - but you missed professionalism?
I just produced the new DVD "technology" and "cut". Of course, synonymous with professional equipment, and finally I'm professional. Versteh not wrong, I think all this is not ironic, I only want to understand about my products as much as possible.

What you just missed?
How can I do better?
What secrets do you mean exactly?
How would you for the professionalism of the DVDs look like?

Thank you ever for a response.



Antwort von PowerMac:

Your tutorials are very nice. What I would like as a director, is of course, how did this or that movie geleuchtet? Suggestion: To set and go with the OB jabber, show how a light construction is planned in advance, as it practically goes and how eventually later in the film looks.

Antwort von Axel:

"Lutz Dieckmann" wrote:
And you say, you missed the DVDs at the professionalism. How does that work? Bauscheinwerfer - no professional equipment show - but you missed professionalism?

You can not believe that professionals of your tutorials feel. Your appearance, your tone of voice, but the highly simplified nature, such as camera work is described, but all this is aimed at an amateur, I would even say an amateur-child. What Constantin and determines my Joey, is that there is a mismatch between the equipment and shown to your viewers. Someone who the money for a EX3, we are probably in the long run-up with all sorts of aspects, so that your presentation as it simply appears to be. Even if he is his own knowledge only einredet, it is your tutorials because of their style is not quite seriously. Of course you know the typical buyer EX-better, you've synonymous supervises the roadshow.

I think especially the After Effects tutorial Dacia spot very well and thank you for this. As an autodidact in compositing I go too cumbersome to some, and the Andrew Kramer tutorial are possibly an inspiring challenge. But I'm amateur and I can compositing for a two weeks time. An After Effects tutorial "for Dummies" I would not watch. So you find me here for the right sound.

What you could do better? If it is to attract professionals, need targets, which are somewhat more demanding, as bait. And the statement may be synonymous little more technical knowledge base for granted. Here in the forum is seen as diligent readers after about three days on the relationship of aperture, shutter, focal depth and clear, to name just one example. These are really no secrets anymore.

Antwort von Valentino:

"PowerMac" wrote:
Your tutorials are very nice. What I would like as a director, is of course, how did this or that movie geleuchtet? Suggestion: To set and go with the OB jabber, show how a light construction is planned in advance, as it practically goes and how eventually later in the film looks.

Jup that's just the best of the best Boy anhauen and ask, hey what are you doing because really, why and how?
Now, unfortunately not everyone has film s.ein change to come and the lightning anzuhauen ;-)

I work as Videoperator and let me sort of like watching someone and explain how and why it is gleuchtet. By now nearly three movies and a few television productions learned a lot about this.

Antwort von scrooge:

Hey Valentino,

did you not want us here in the forum a few tips from the film with your work experience to give?
Exciting would halt Tips and tricks on how 3Point Lighting etc. beyond, perhaps the most important Do's and Don'ts.

Wär echt klasse .....


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Power but it ;-) His contributions are always short and concise written and teach on various topics always insightful points and techniques.

Just call his contributions posted ;-)

.................................................. .................................................. ....

Because IMO he could nail s.den his job when he starts hanging about and other things to report, because you should be synonymous chen topics can write.

From which it synonymous already a lot there ;-)

Just in the field of photography look at Amazon, there are lots of good literature.

B. DeKid

PS: Also recommended are libraries, the annual contribution is always fair and the choice usually pretty good sotiert. I was always like that, but unfortunately it is here in my area not more. So I ordered now always stop when I like what Amazon would let me or friends of the (UNI) Library with bring.

Antwort von WideScreen:

Hi I know the tutorials are synonymous. Hmmmm so I did so I read through here and I think that's really no preference, as the presenter is talking, or how he "comes". If what I have learned, it is mostly the people on the "finished" appearance, which s.meisten skill, and the suit in the Blender. What I am saying is that my presentation and the narrative style is not necessarily important, but the person in the tutorial "it has on it." Of strangely None has spoken.

The issue is the target of this tutorial. For whom is made? For the past 20 years working in the film Gaffer? Then the safe Kinderkram. But I hardly think that the audience is.

But when I look at the video here as part of such postings, then many simply defiziete at the light or sound, because everyone says ne expensive camera with a lot of pixels make a good picture. But without light nothing "great" will be remembered most not.
And hardly anyone here dares to ask how to ne illuminates person or something, because the tutorials are not help. And s.and s.gibts synonymous NEN AHA Effect (as with the car animation) perhaps the "old hands" NEN shorter way. And who that (with professional lighting) ausgeleutete "Miniset" not with Baustrahlern can largely copied, you should perhaps time to consider whether the video shoot, he is correct, others are synonymous nice hobbies. (I think anyway but that is not right light can make me Baustrahlern. Because so focused lighting is not possible. (Yes now comes again with the money .... I know .... but then one should perhaps not of Flash talk, but by "making light" * lol *)).

Sure, everyone here is Vollprofi that you notice after the first Theards and especially after the first video postings ......

Exceptions prove the rule:)

Antwort von domain:

"WideScreen" wrote:

But when I look at the video here as part of such postings, then many simply defiziete at the light or sound, because everyone says ne expensive camera with a lot of pixels make a good picture. But without light nothing "great" will be remembered most not.

As a trained photographer and educators can I Lutz of the tutorials are only welcome. No pseudo-professional ramblings, but the image of nursing and treating Videography and therefore something very many "Amateuvideos" times would do really well: a sense of light, Kadrage, depth of field, Bokeh and especially of good sound.

Just think s.Konrad times Lorenz, the Nobel laureate. His first hochgestochenen scientific works are not so well known, but only in later years created much popular science, with which he became famous.

Antwort von Nitpicker:

I now have only seen the first video (am @ work, have no official time for such Selbstbespaßung :-)

I just want to say that I personally this schema Q-Lighting for interviews, reports, documentation, possibly (but less) still do okay, but it is clearly not a game for Lighting or shorts! Unfortunately, many digital indie filmmakers such synonymous Lighting (or variations thereof) for the game scenes, often awful, because they look unrealistic. What is absolutely not synonymous goes is colored light, except there is a valid reason (a neon sign, blue flickering monitors, etc.).

Far too many amateur and semi-professional films suffer greatly from this kind of standard lighting. I work a lot as a photographer and formed me a thing or two about lighting design to know. Set Realistic Lighting for Movies (synonymous for video productions) often works for me on a 2x2m transparent panel through which several lamps radiate daylight, and perhaps some reflectors for brightening shadows.

Klaro that this is very interesting is synonymous and of course not everyone wants to turn Kurz-/Spielfilme and for those is in any case a very interesting Informaitonsquelle! No question, do not want rumflamen. Only the request, but if you are primarily fictional stories will be trying to create realistic lighting, or to optimize existing kameratauglich - and it looks like not normally stop an artificial 3-light setup.


EDIT: This here is such as lighting set-ups based on a similarly simple and kind as can be created (Lance Henriksen has a super simple face, as he must stop the next as a rabbit excuse :-) One of the main light and watch the shadows absäuft nothing. No Rim, not peak, relatively (!) Simple and very realistic! Synonymous Sure, there are many other settings where it is not easy, or where things are very complicated.



Antwort von Axel:

@ Nicolas.
Naturalistic illumination, that was four years ago, my first posting
Nevertheless, only a discreet naturalistic lighting is not always the goal. High art is, of course, such an illumination with the appropriate mood dramaturgically yet each Take adapt. In the often recommended book ... The Chinese sun is so synonymous exactly the "classical" three-point method of some contributors than to artificially criticized. And your example images show that,
of course acting effectively no light must be weak, on the contrary.

I find that in the light of Tutorial Lutz very good: Be brave, try to make a difference. There is simply no general rule, such as "you" illuminates. The critics of classical dramaturgy of light in the aforementioned book throw their supporters against dogmatism. Meanwhile, the dogma has been partially reversed in many productions,
especially German, everything should be as realistic as possible. If a color in the Picture is not motivated by a light source, it will be omitted. Result: The light is always plausible, more realistic (acting), relatively neutral and boring.

The Comparison of different methods of lighting - in the tutorials as rudimentary - is important for everyone. When my light is particularly pleased that we ultimately only learn through practical experiments.

Antwort von domain:

Synonymous'm actually more of a fan of realistic lighting outdoors without backlighting and fill spots.
But one thing I could with my observations of sets already synonymous observed so completely without tools, it is not. I mean, for example, that the team in the cases in question are used only natural light, but with meticulous reflective brighteners acted very large, which looked pretty funny, because they hand of several people were detained. This was obviously still a strong telephoto with selective sharpness.
I, as a practicing amateur did this simultaneously with telephoto shots mitgefilmt and, in retrospect, say, hats off.
More than of professionals in real operations can not learn, you just need to closely monitor what they are doing. For them, it is routine for us knowledge of ev-long spilled knowledge, especially for me, with an almost-forgotten training very, very many years.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"domain" wrote:
...... with reflective brighteners acted very large, which looked pretty funny, because they hand of several people were detained. .....

That was yesterday, today makes it so .....


.. if one has the wherewithal ;-)

B. DeKid

Saves Money but synonymous if the fee for the "live" brackets counts ;-)

Antwort von PowerMac:

Nice thread has developed here. Here, I can inspire and learn new views known. Fort Run!

Antwort von domain:

Aufgefischt From Internet: why the wolf eats chalk?
"Then he can talk with the head voice. The use of chalk board can be found in the school of knowledge and education, can be exhausting and head for the children to show that what it is, then you have the previously stated. But then what eaten and that was bad, so watch carefully what is consumed can be mentally ... "
God, the Internet is often a fool ..........

Antwort von Axel:

The Bavarian style, with the Eastern bloc coming illegal problem wolves deal: Cretaceous traps. The animals die by mental strain. Its bright, clear voices complaining of the Morgennebeln to Einödhöfe, and the farmer with the thick potato's carrots are in the ears, because at the same time synonymous nor good for the eyes.

Antwort von domain:

Then I am a farmer so synonymous with big potatoes. With the carrots in his ears I hear the PM-wolf with his voice almost glöckchenhellen not cry ....

Antwort von PowerMac:


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


First of all thank you for the many opinions and suggestions. That helps me a lot next. I would not, of course, the answers remain guilty. First, a little general. I'm getting criticism because I do not show how a set with Bauscheinwerfern illuminates. How much would I get criticism, I would show with what means s.einem Spielfilmset work? These reports would be nice to see, but the least among the readers here have money for a light truck (normal s.mittleren sets). So, what's the point? It would take only a few bring something to the money to do so.

For PowerMac:

I would only ask colleagues s.anderen sets, there would be no tutorials, but making of films. That gives it enough. I have, however, in the direction of what is planned for "Good to know." In the way you want it, however, it will not go missing this s.Set time. If you, however, allow me s.einem your next film sets such a report about Lighting turn, let's talk. It will only stop time.

To Axel:

These times only a few numbers. From the DVDs I still have 20%. 60% are s.Profis been sold, the remaining 20% s.Privatleute. A professional earns money with his work, not that he knows everything synonymous. Is it just me, I like to learn synonymous of colleagues.
If I only would produce for professionals - so what you see only the reactions of Use professional equipment caused. But this is my training, which I think for both amateurs as synonymous for professionals. And if you think that an EX owner synonymous with light and camera can handle, you lying in many cases wrong.
And yes, I want to make Lust, desire for more film and a good job ;-)) What I actually HMI Stage lens used? Or do you mean the "washing machine" from the "Good to know 1"?

For WideScreen:

Thanks for posting ;-) To the question of the audience to answer. Honestly, I have never been so deep thought about. In my profession, I have so many deficiencies in colleagues and also seen in the forums the same problems seen with amateurs, it was just an idea. Together with Bebob we could implement them. Until now synonymous with great success, so synonymous now come the next DVD, when their production much more difficult than synonymous out than I thought. That's why it takes so long synonymous.

To Nitpicker:

I wanted not synonymous Instructions for lighting of fiction, but based on ideas of Basic inspire. This is the goal of all my tutorials. What colored light, which is a matter of taste. See CSI Miami or Las Vegas. There is a lot of colored light in it and if you like it --- why not. I like it. Realism is not quite my thing. But I turn not synonymous Docus. Schedule F and Lighting is always the base, you only need to master first. The rest is always individual.

At Domain:

I give you right observation is important, but we must understand what is synonymous observed. Otherwise it is worthless. So I do not watch others, but shows how to do that.

The rest of the answers I do not understand.

Many greetings


Antwort von carstenb:

Hello Lutz,

I wanted to thank you for the great tutorials! While I was at a film school, but for years no longer be rotated (was unfortunately not synonymous student camera) and start again and Image s.Kurzfilme films. Since coming to me like your tutorial called! Indeed, I have yet s.Bebop recalls and to start a Cosmo Light Set 800W bought before and I've seen your tutorial. Therefore, I find your product selection synonymous particularly well :-). Seriously So clearly I have the sense and the effect of films never seen (s.Set I was always used with other things than light). Now I'll begin to experiment synonymous when it comes to my customers just do not "CSI" Lighting is. As far as I am still very interested, would be a pure technology Leuctstoffröhrenbeleuchtung as it makes Jost Vacano. First, I find the pictures geleuchteten so good, on the other hand, is synonymous Old-friendly, especially here in Berlin, where ever fuses old DDR burst. A Comparison of Advanced Technology with effective solutions, such as of Herkolux would be interesting as synonymous. Likewise, me and Cosmo Comparison LED Light interested: What would a classical three-point LED illumination for pure base in comparison to conventional light sources from? Can you already completely with LED, or there are borderline cases? What tubes and LEDs can be dimmed and mix well, etc. .. Questions about issues such as you see. But maybe I'll get my first DVD ...

Many greetings,


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for the praise. Yes, there are many questions, I know. On the DVD are some of them treated in the U.S. light-Style "as the light area, just in the garage. The LEDs will take us to "head lights and battery lights on. They are however not a full substitute for normal light. They have not thought synonymous.
Particularly advantageous 800W lights, we are preparing a new tutorial before.

Many greetings


Antwort von joey23:

Hello Lutz,

That with the target is a Wichter point. There are many people utnerwechs which incidentally as a hobby with the subject company. For they are your safety tutorials with just the right place. The Lighting of the example. If they are then at home, with 3x500Watt baustrahler, it is however not implemented. Those things have no focus, no filter frame, no goals and so next. Sure, you can rent. If that means no money earned SITD s.aber often difficult.

If you want to Basics is the lighting would send the following: Advanced technology show with professional lighting techniques to show and then just take the next step to go: "How do I get it now at home with the simplest means out?" So for me it is more a presentation of the lamps send Bebob coupled with a few first-ever lighting techniques, it is not a draft. It is in the 10 minutes is certainly synonymous difficult to achieve, and I must say that I do not synonymous complete DVD of you have seen, and my question is difficult to judge may allow. But the tutorials are the way that I do not "sharp" to me would be to get the DVD ...


Antwort von Blackeagle123:


Please understand my criticism is not wrong, I think it is always very great that there are people, the tutorials. But for me there is such a tutorial in two ways:

The target group are
s.Beginners / Amateurs
b) Professionals

s.Sollen are amateurs or beginners, then they can not afford headlight. The need to be hired and the synonymous can not afford. That's why I spoke of Baustrahlern, with whom there are enormous by artificial harder, a set of light (especially in the garage). Feasible, it is still ... (by color foils &, White Balance, Color correction, Reflectors, Barndoors) - but I'll probably need not to tell.
This fits very well as your reflector made of pure polystyrene.

b) Would it be professionals, then you can assume that the knowledge that, for example in a case where it is 650W, 3x 650W lamps. As would have served a sentence, if at all. In my opinion, everything runs so great, until it finally comes to the major. Suppose we have a tutorial on "US-style lighting": Here I've taken a lot of what coverage is concerned, synonymous even though I would not illuminate (too colorful, the acts so extreme after television series, in my opinion something cheap). I attach much greater value on accents in an interview, for example by a very slight glow on an object - if it is relating to suits. (Recently in one of my documentary films postwar emotions, "Interview partner sat in the Picture, blurred background, a rose was lit, just a touch.)
But you wanted the US-style explain: As I said, the result very interesting, but unfortunately you say the outcome is very, very little and much, much more about how the headlights should be, you see, as you turn the film is: does would have as synonymous: "We are now brightening s.den a slide in peach, s.den spot for the points having a blue color and look at the result" (10 seconds and not get bored).
If yes, in principle, synonymous, a very simple thing, except the color foils not bring much new. (The 3-point lighting is still exactly the same!)

Also I would not buy the DVD, because I can not find enough professionals. This is because you sometimes have the feeling that you know are not quite sure where you should look when you are standing in the studio and synonymous not know exactly what thou shalt say (without Telepromter). Also, the cuts are too long for me, so that in the length is drawn.

So depending on the target group require either more, or work with other products.

Do not forget: This is only my opinion!

Many greetings,

Antwort von WideScreen:

Yes there has Constantin probably right.
Faith synonymous hardly the Bebob now Baustrahler act. (at least I hope: P)

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi Joey and Constantin,

target, leßt times my next posting above as it stands. About the make sure you can splendid fight ;-) Some grad find it as good as it is (by the way the pros grad surprisingly) the other not. But I know what I say ;-))
The step "and how do I do it now with Baustrahlern" I can not go. Forget a non Please, I live of what I do. The sponsors are used to part finance the project. Without them there would be no HD-Trainings. And since I can say yes after bad "and now remember all the professional stuff, now I'll show you how with OBIstrahlern goes." Quite aside from that it does not. No sponsor would accept. Logical, right?
If I Vostell products, then submit to the Manufacturer of course synonymous value that it provides times, I am obliged to.

And so slowly I was synonymous with "the DVDs are not professional enough to me to be. Your expecting a deeper insight into the world of professionals? Right? But my question is, what would you bring that? You have not the money for the technology, then I would use. You would be missing s.Wissen to the products effectively and would you rent it certainly is not synonymous, as many already the ¬ 8, - rent for a normal Arri are overpaid. So what? I can assure you a great tutorial with a ¬ 150,000 - Camera shoot, but what is that supposed to bring?

And another one I do not understand. There is often a really large sum invested in a camera, but then at the light to save the devil come out. Why? The sum of the things it makes. Gebt rather less for Cam and for gifts from you for the difference good lighting. The result is better than with a Topkamera and Bauscheinwerfern.

In addition, I find this discussion here supertoll, many thanks s.alle parties.

Many greetings


Antwort von joey23:

The step "and how do I do it now with Baustrahlern" I can not go. Forget a non Please, I live of what I do. The sponsors are used to part finance the project. Without them there would be no HD-Trainings. And since I can say yes after bad "and now remember all the professional stuff, now I'll show you how with OBIstrahlern goes." Quite aside from that it does not. No sponsor would accept. Logical, right?
If I Vostell products, then submit to the Manufacturer of course synonymous value that it provides times, I am obliged to.

That was what I said in my first post meant. The Baustrahler you do not show is quite clear. Trod, I think that with creative solutions can replace a lot. Your Dolly is synonymous as an example.

And so slowly I was synonymous with "the DVDs are not professional enough to me to be. Your expecting a deeper insight into the world of professionals? Right? But my question is, what would you bring that?

I had last week for 3 days and the possibility of a "place of production to be able to watch. I was there as extras. Sure, I could not ask the people who had to be done. Nevertheless, I watch through undendlich learned a lot. Ultimately, the synonymous only 3-point lighting. Clear. But you see it in practice, provides the means to deploy, which means when the light is soft or hard, which has lights where they use, how to create a sense blue light simulates what do wenns to Hell (for example, take the easy synonymous polystyrene as the reflector). Where I can learn very much. Simply by watching.
So far, none of the I, None DVD, no web tutorial so many useful tricks see how there on the spot, simply because I could see myself, and not just read or watch video had. If I ever own such a tutorial to produce (can) would be my aim to show exactly. What stands nowhere and on the 3-point lighting is far far far beyond. Whether you can ever show, because I do not.

The funds I have available, I can in the university to borrow everything. But until now there was nobody to thoretischem pathways (Book, DVD, Tutorial) is able to impart knowledge to me, what with the devices I do if I have them here. Since only helps s.Ende eh: Selber ausporbieren and copy.

What you do in your light show are the tutorials, as I light it every book in every light tutorial synonymous think (and I mean that not pejorative, they are hugely important).
Maybe it would be a suggestion, scenes from the series until the real show and then to build? One sees only the professional results, and then the way there. Gern synonymous with professional technique;)

Antwort von Axel:

Hello Lutz,
Professionals are not only the employees of the establishments or TV cameramen in the film, but synonymous, the self-image or movie or show such stuff to produce, and which do not always have equipment 1a. A formal training, they have sometimes not, but they are newcomers or have as a camera assistant, electrician or lighting started. Of course they do not use Baustrahler, but they use most often little more efficient light suitcases, because she never took the leisurely, getting closer with lighting effect to look, everything about a by clothespins with frost film produced Softbox beyond.

The are sure of your target audience well as ambitious amateurs, which begins with the Baustrahlern, but over time through acquisitions with very useful equipment continues.

Both together should be that they are exceptionally good films lure leave recordings that exceed their abilities. I hope I do not stumble against the head, but the effect of sample clips of some of your tutorials to achieve, we need in fact not a very expensive equipment, the ever anticipated. No matter how valuable the one or the other trick is that you in the course of the "broadcast" betray the expectations of the audience is moderate. I can only myself as a guinea pig question: Would I, I swallow everything, which is s.praktischen tips to improve my films can be found (of which the principal would prefer someone more skilled for the camera to ask a ;-))), you buy it? Answer: Yes, if I use the online tutorials deficits similar to my eyes well ahead would lead, like the one I buy. The flowers in the park, the illumination s.Schreibtisch, agent story in the harbor - which is everything, sorry, but quite simple.

And what is a DVD book ahead? The Making-of-Effect, the look behind the scenes. Many borrow or buy movie DVDs almost exclusively to the extras in one hand, look at the technology erhaschen them. Would they do that, if the film would be at a level that they already believe to have (deliberately formulated defensive)?

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


Axel much I can agree. It is indeed a general criticism: We do not want to malign your tutorial, but are keen that you get as many customers and express our views as an evaluation.

Everything in your example tutorial on the lighting in U.S. film series explains, is (very simplified): "Blue film and film use Peach." That can be very interesting if you are in a maximum of 30 seconds and not many repeats (like the 3-point lighting!)

I have not synonymous demanded that you work with cheap equipment sollst. You have to be even with the expensive equipment to work because of the sponsors - is completely clear! But then your audience is a more professional, s.wirklich interesting "insider information" already interested and experienced in the industry. You can then known as much for granted.

As written above: These are things that interest me personally (as compared to Andrew Kramer tutorial) have disrupted. Shall serve as the tips!

Many greetings,

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


s.alle first, I'm happy about every criticism and not be evil. I feel attacked not synonymous.

Andrew has a huge advantage, he goes on a few products with a clear target. This is different for me, I have many subjects and many products. It is all right to do is difficult. This does not mean that I always try to make it better.

What the pros are concerned, I will now say nothing wrong here but it has a reason why the DVDs of many professionals just bought, as written above about 60% of the DVDs go s.diese audience. Of course there are many colleagues who were with the DVDs can not start because they know everything. But there are also many synonymous, where the base is missing.
For example, recently a colleague (rotates in a private channel usDoku-soaps) a light training with me. He was previously believed in flats you need to put no light, and also because it would be eh always too tight. And when the camera lichstark enough, have come out a few pictures. Clear pictures come out, but no good pictures. How far is with the idea because so many professionals is every night you can see on TV. I think the professional world is overrated.

And the difference between the DVD and the web version of exactly that the network version is not so much into detail.

Many greetings


Antwort von domain:

You do not justify Lutz, the main thing is that you do not have enough business to your pension.
At least then technically pretty much all of the Videofilmerei understood and needs more None apply for a film school, etc., in order that the public want to learn, or even more.
It will be run as Photoshop, everyone does 10000 photos psand can edit synonymous halfway and the grandmother, it will look.

The major exceptions are always people with an extraordinary imagination in the story, the script and in the visual and the implementation remain, we will always admire.

But that has not much with craftsmanship to do that is an entirely different category.
But I think it's great that you at least to learn the craft sector of our attempt to alleviate the suffering for the audience to bring about ;-))

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi domain

what retirement? Years ago, I have times where NEN Letter of getting, I have TOTAL ¬ 3.56 expected :-( (
So, thanks for the wishes of the business.

I'm totally your opinion, the stories are good and stand out of the crowd. There are people who can with a Super8 camera films better than others with 35mm.

At one point, I am not your opinion. Craftsmanship counts always, no preference whether one script writes the rotation plans, the camera uses, or makes light Directing leads. This is me during my time at Paramount has become clear where I had the opportunity synonymous with its U.S. counterparts to work. There is no excellence artisanal nature nothing. And that's why the Americans are synonymous so successful in the film business. They simply produce quality.

Liebe Grüße


Antwort von WideScreen:

you have given me from the soulful spoken Domian:)

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


I have now, after some time again in this thread reingeschaut. Domain, your answer was cool ;-))

Meanwhile, I have noticed another thing. We are working for some time s.den new tutorials. Since we have SonyEX1 the JVC HM700, Vegas, Avid MC 3.5, Liquid etc.
The point is this: By working with tapeless workflow, we are next in the IT corner forced. Firstly, the easier things, but you must be synonymous with all the mucking around formats. That makes a lot of work. And meanwhile I answer many questions relating to "computer". Many filmmakers today see film as a result of IT. The better the IT, the better the movie!
This means that the computer is viewed as a panacea. Is he really? Are movies better because you have a wonderful "Vista 512 GigaByte RAM aside until the computer has?
I do not think so. How can the younger convince that film still is a craft?

Many greetings

Lutz Dieckmann

Antwort von pilskopf:

Well, now buy the same people Cams 2000 ¬, 1500 ¬ computer, download after effects down and think they can now shoot a movie. I see the shooting as a work of art, from little, make a lot. That is much harder than a lot of little, but that creates the most. I think that not many an eye and a hand to shoot, to learn the theory, it is indeed possible to study and still come out doing theoretical work, which simply reflect the lessons learned but no character. Shooting is but art, cutting synonymous. And it looks real enough Filmkunst although many Techn ik Cams are breathtaking and the design possibilities are unlimited by the software. But without talent and ideas synonymous 1000 Effect Templates nothing. But this is certainly synonymous generation. When I started with the shooting had gabs Hi8 and the highest average was feeling a Sony VCR with beech for 1700DM Lanc. And so I've still been better cut films than many people today with the current program. I say honestly, I'm disappointed of many professionals such as unimaginative with the technology is handled. Always the same pans, always the same boring, well, the customer comes s.aber of like robots. You may, at today's reports for 3 cuts to predict accurately what proportion of the total. Oh, I can no longer see.

The Lighting is the same. I do not fair as the Germans have always illuminate everything, every corner is still unimportant illuminated, measured, nachjustiert until it is bright enough to see ugly strip.

Either you have talent and an eye for motion picture and the importance of details, or you have not. For example, I can not photographing, I need the exercise. Funny.

Antwort von DWUA:

"Lutz Dieckmann" wrote:

How can the younger convince that film still is a craft?

Who likes eggs, gets them everywhere and always.
Caged, free range, trillion
It depends on who makes what to whom.
The cock on the dunghill is (almost) extinct.
What do you want with as many eggs, which are produced to start?

There are more than ever, fresh and rotten eggs.
Millions alone at discounters.
Liquid can with almost any food mixed.
Chicken feed is dried.

And now YOU come and argue that the EI was something special.
Something very valuable.

What are you for one!!


Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:


yes, I agree to pilz head. I think EI is something special. It's like concrete ;-) Kommt drauf s.was you make of it. And out of ideas and technical quality you can actually do something.

Sure, there ES 1000 eggs variants. But in television, I feel slow: Whenever you think the ground s.Qualität comes to have reached a set and the bar still down.

Many greetings

Lutz Dieckmann

Antwort von DWUA:

"Lutz Dieckmann" wrote:
... I think EI is something special ...

Everyone here is from his egg has become, what he is;
besides being about 6.8 billion others on this earth.

You have absolutely right, here your tutorials to disclose.
But do not deplore thee, if thou more acidic instead of sweets
get a response.
It's called ".../// digital video and the online ///", attracts more moths
Light's on as a street lantern.


Antwort von TiMovie:

do you actually synonymous times to sleep?

Good night - TiMovie

Antwort von DWUA:

Also, our show on HR3 (with your participation)
alone so impressed, because it proves that you
without synonymous as the Mill Scheisz of Nintendo in the back with little gold
Schönes can fabricate. In accordance with the best budget
it made.
Einfach Klasse!


Antwort von Axel:

"Lutz Dieckmann" wrote:
Are movies better because you have a wonderful "Vista 512 GigaByte RAM aside until the computer has?
I do not think so. How can the younger convince that film still is a craft?

1. Without computers film would not only clearly a craft, it would be too costly and ineffective for such a forum to receive s.Leben. As the hunting, which, once you have a technological leap from the blowpipe to the machine gun has experienced the woods hunting with Ahnungslosen populated for some grandma in Persian as brown bear goes through. The Book Film Design, Visual Effects for Movies and Television of 2000, said ahead of it's correct: A hype about the effects (which must always be new!) Whose use is inflationary, to no one by the label "digital" Money earned but on the contrary, digital analog Postpro some effect ( "special" effect, as the name says something "special" with - still - more visible production value) cheaper to make, to the dumping, because almost every office computer can perform the effects and the competition is big. If this occurs excessively, the read performance of the data prior to 2000 available soft-and hardware times after.

2. How to craft the character of modern Videography better prove it? I find the complete photo-Dacia-Spot in your AAE Tutorial a good way. You have nothing to emphasize, as the user with the non-traditional approach so inevitably fail. As the young hunter who, on a pile of corpses seated, the Halali themselves on their Mp3 player preludes, it dawns that the sense of their actions somehow escapes them. The simplification of a thing has never been an awareness of their potential increased. Who the world with a click conquer, will soon be a mouse click formatted.
Incidentally, you will find that the participation in "Biblical prophecy for Everyone - an online tutorial worthwhile?

Antwort von handiro:

Delicious thread. Ich hab mir synonymous as one of the tutorials for amateurs and fands ok, the synonymous-heavy Bebob not bothered.
At best, however, I find some of the comments here :-) And that Lutz has anmacht None synonymous style!

I come synonymous of the music industry and trust that what in the past 20 years is to befall on the video industry is still given. Sometime wills None longer see any case .... I can not hear (and the electronic clatter)

But one sees more and more "courses" and "professionals" to the poor kids who just think "I must be a star," the dough from the pockets drone ....

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

What is this for an assertion that the computer "makes everything mäglich" film and thereby no longer a craft - you practically do not have much to do?
Look on youtube or MyVideo and then compared with the current movies.

Of course it is easier to produce good effects, if you can work in real time. Synonymous and it is true that more and more s.Computer "save" can be. Nevertheless, the professional from the amateur always distinct.

Many greetings,


Antwort von B.DeKid:

** OT **

Hmm it seems to me like Axel hunting Zumpft not ;-(;
Here we are sacrificing a lot of time in the year for our children once synonymous with the visit of our forests can see Bambi and Gump in front of the bridge nor a trout your existence.

(; In numbers = approx 1000 euros a year on charitable projects, such as stocking and afforestation - and round about 120 - 200 hours a year of voluntary work)

Since I was small, on the nature, and get a hunting / fishing in the Broad is an important topic which all too happy to be poorly represented.

.................................................. .................................................

Bzgl film as a craft, there is similar.

Example - today I have 2 brothers from the neighborhood, which interested me every day to follow, if I with my JRT field patrol through a cheap Digital Still Camera Image gift. The boys are both 6 years old.
In the age I got my first synonymous Afga Knipps.

Now every day can you take the camera and when I show them something - then you can take pictures and maybe in 10 years on this and laugh at this show pride.

Whether these two per lot with Analogue Picture material doubt I will be working a little, but it does not matter. Because you have your fun and are always very proud of your Mom to tell what you learned today and have seen.

I think this makes the craft from people s.eine approached to lead activities and teach them fun.
Not if you have a glue press can operate or rather a NLE - the result and the message it makes.

B. DeKid

PS: That's why I like (and this) forums, here you can share with other people Intressenten help from your hobby / profession to make the best.

** / ** OT

Antwort von Axel:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
** OT **

Hmm it seems to me like Axel hunting Zumpft not ;-(
Here we are sacrificing a lot of time in the year for our children once synonymous with the visit of our forests can see Bambi and Gump in front of the bridge nor a trout your existence.

Furthermore, OT, but hopefully as an analogy tolerated and allowed.

I come from an area where a city within the next one goes on the green strip between a cow can graze. Going over, you can hear the children say: A cow! A cow!

Our local recreation reserves are the hunters and foresters to thank for that sometime in the Middle Ages already got the job, the nature in terms of sustainability and decorativeness regulate. Way with wolves and bears away with toppled trees and grown crooked. But on the other hand afforestation after clearing for construction purposes, (before the greed of the farmers) protected forest areas, closed seasons and firing rates. The Greeks, as an extreme counter-example, have eaten their entire country. Birds? Ochi. If there is one, who dares not to beep. Therefore, throughout the thistles and zirpenden crickets (not yet on the menu).

Whether it is important that children see Bambi? Moreover, one could argue, is not that hunters with experts s.Start are that our "nature" parks through rigorous intervention in the food chain to keep the status quo.

You mention the "Zumpft". Linked to that are probably statutes, the effect will be that some will Ehrbegriff internalized. Spackige Amokschützen should Shooter games before their stay, the hunt is a solemn office, which for the benefit of all is fulfilled.

End of OT, because here come the successful television professionals come into play. People who have experience in it, not just length, but life filling to produce content. One hardly needs to hear what these people forward, speak up, rather rear, center, their natural drive after Rückstoßprinzip mutandis. This Schonungen stupefaction of the public wants is the bark beetles, their foresters that they are one of ricochets to a Bambi had to be removed.

Craft, which comes from the line, has no raison d'être. That all these people are professionals called, has the term in Germany devalued.

They are good professionals increasingly synonymous people who have mastered their craft, which - synonymous and particularly in dealing with computers - creativity to use. In the German forest funding they unfortunately do not have very good chances of survival.

Is computer-processing and "craft" a contradiction?

In reality, film was always a medium, which is based on optical illusion, so on a visual effect, was based. Never in the history of the film was normal earners the tool to create the illusion of more affordable. But whether a compositing process by Schüfftan, Matte Paintings, multiple exposure and optical bench or After Effects on a computer is made by the artisanal aspect is seen almost negligible.

Conclusion: What is not of hand (the romantics want to say with love) is made, it is junk.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

You just made my day - ;-)

Really well written and to the point, much to the amusement.

B. DeKid

Antwort von shipoffools:

What happens before the camera - no preference which film genre - still will skillfully presented, skillfully arranged and skillfully filmed are. A Camera is still a camera, whether it is film is exposed to a DV tape or a memory card turns inside it - and this camera will be operated skillfully. A Microphone is always a Microphone and sound recording and editing a science which seeks to skillfully. ... and a cut remains a square cut square, whether the cutting table or a computer with NLE and Effektgtönse or other frills. Cutting remains at the cutting WILL be smart. Hard cut /
No matter how advanced the technology is how easy and affordable for everyone. Who with all possible means to not be able to skillfully and not a (art) handwerker or artist, is not synonymous create artwork, but at best, poor craft or mass merchandise that will soon have more None (or rather see) wants.
Regardless of how a plant is established, is crucial, whether it is the senses and the mind to pack up the interview, and I speak as many (according to current state) with the simplest means to produce more films than many effects-laden blockbusters and more than All> I-movies-my-kitten-with-the-phone stuff <anyway.

Antwort von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi folks,

So first of all, this thread is so fantastic. I read with pleasure that there are many people out there who are still in my opinion.
I will do so not only sweet harvest. Acid is also welcome, because I can then try to do better. Thank you my film in HR has fallen. Unfortunately, I do not see life because I was in Vienna. But in August, can I secure the repetition, or in September.

To all the others. It is really great. Mir makes it such fun to read it all. Yes, film is a craft and the computer is only a tool. This can make many things, if only the rules. The hunter (if the comparison is allowed) so synonymous not mow all the animals down just because at Christmas he got a machine gun. He attends HIS rules. And that we all benefit.
If many of you in the professional filmmaking embarking would perhaps would be the German television landscape worth seeing.

The only question remains: What can we do to encourage people to move to the craft to learn? What can we do to the TV makers to be convinced that quality is not (only) a question of money, but a question of education is?

Many greetings

Lutz Dieckmann

Antwort von domain:

"Lutz Dieckmann" wrote:

Yes, film is a craft ....

Smaller opposition your honor.
As above Shipoffools wrote: only a craft course, film is not. The tools to make a nice top on the slippery cobblestones manual (in; some children work in India) are the same as that of a sculptor, so therefore both for the simple workers, as synonymous for the artist.
Moreover, the pure handicraft perfection for an artist may be not too important. The example can be seen especially in the late works of Picasso. The artistically elaborate painting of his early works he played no role, since there were very different things in the foreground.

Incidentally, it could be that more and more artisanal looks errors in shooting, which earlier would have never noticed?
To me sometimes so that the longer I am with the film craft employed so I will be critical. At the end, I have a list of very successful, of less well-managed and poorly managed implementations of the head and did not know more what the film really wanted to show. Well, now I have somewhat exaggerated :-))

Antwort von Axel:

@ domain
The films have become technically perfect, have more surface smoothness. We do not forgive mistakes craft as easily as before. In 10, 15 years, we will present the films still can not find more perfect.
By digitizing everywhere should have the illusion of perfect adding a little to get, and exotic scenes or scenes of mass for smaller productions no longer an obstacle. We are all waiting eagerly awaiting Constantin "Black Eagles" Herculaneum. Today, calls the idea of a student, a volcanic eruption to film, is not immediately apparent compassionate head.

What we accept is that in the new, perfect packaging still stuck to old stories. The better stories are often quite modest and unattractive implemented to academic, to German (either intentionally acting ape Hollywood or province of the theater, if it is a contradiction), zuwenig Kintopp. That which in the discussion of Casablanca was raised.

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