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Programm, um Filmmusik selber zu machen

Program to make film music yourself

Frage von Crippler:
Januar 2006


There's people here who make the music for your films with suitable software yourself? I mean software that can mimic an orchestra, and in a way that is little or no difference to a real orchestra sounds.
Currently I am working with Orion Platinum in conjunction with Edirol Orchestral. That is, I've started to work with it, because the program seems a little too cumbersome and runs also not entirely correct to me.

So here's my question: What software can you recommend me / your own use?

Antwort von Hogar:

What does not work so well with you? Orion or Edirol Orchestral? I work synonymous with Orion and that really got the hottest things brought to the series. For example, a big tape, since probably only heard of the professional difference. (Sound engineer or musician ...)

One must of course have the right sound fonts, otherwise there is not much use Orion, because it is more likely to use soundfonts without electronic Music. There are some sites that offer sound fonts download for free, now I know no longer, but Google knows it determines;)


Antwort von Crippler:

The quality of Edirol Orchestral is really good because I have nothing against no! The Groove Agent (drums simulator) is pretty good. The latter synonymous running without problems for me. Orchestral When I have the problem that when playing after a certain time, or when I stop playing and then re-start, something is superimposed. That means that if I leave a double bass playing four notes that sound very long, then played as the number of cycles increases to add anything else just comes from the manure pit. The four different sounds seem to be gone, or at least is somehow a sound play continuously, while the four that I wanted to have almost inaudible, and are of one sound to be superimposed.

I've got a old version of Orion Platinum, 3.70 or so, maybe it is due.

But I would have if it were synonymous tadelos work still like to have a few alternatives, since it seems to me somehow, as it would still give Programs that are easier for me to use and easier to read.

Antwort von houbene:


Orion, I honestly do not know, I work with Logic Audio Platinum. For me, clearly the most gifted (along with ProTools) audio compositing program. Unfortunately, there are the new versions only for Mac, so I work even with the version 5.5.1 for Windows. And the sound files come from the sampler and the sampler's sampling of the CDs. And there is actually the biggest problem, because such sampling CDs are Schweineteuer. But it sure sounds synonymous accordingly real.

Gruss Marco

Antwort von Lawrence:

Hui ... ;)
I've already tried synonymous intense (me) with the theme set apart and am going synonymous gestießen in a heap of forums. I think this one question would have been deleted in a music forum already * g *.
I know that you film, edit it, the material (picture, wrap them as synonymous sound) and then everything is still beautiful. As an amateur filmmakers to make the same jobs, where were with Lord of the Rings 100 men there. OK, bad Comparison, but good transition relating to orchestral film music;)
I'm so the guy would like to do everything yourself. Accordingly, I do not think the whole thing with the sound files so great. Because then I just know that is not of me, that's not my skill. Or not stop the Music of my friend or employee. But hold of someone.
In the aforementioned music forums would say you need erstmal thousands of euros for expensive hardware. At least if you want to add that yourself. But then the problems of latency etc come to light.
I therefore allow the first in terms selfmade film music.

But now so much a matter relating to: The Programs, which you call there - completely unknown to me - that really deliver great results? Or is that something like ejay? ;)

Antwort von sunlite:


@ Crippler:
I was once quite a long time synonymous with the theme music deals and even produced, however, synonymous with Steinberg's Cubase SX. I think this is an extremely good program. There, you make absolutely everything themselves, since there are no ready-made samples. Given enough basically, free VST plug-ins for making top super results. It is not synonymous hard to hereinzulernen in Cubase. As a forum might like:
may help synonymous. This forum is not designed to make classical music more (rather more) on electronics, but deals mainly with the theme synonymous Cubase SX. And, therefore, safe for entry not bad. As you yourself can you still produce something else. Only you will learn there erstmal synonymous with the handling of the program;). I have not had any bad experiences at the very least.

@ Laurence:
Hi. So, the Logic of Programs of Emagic (Apple) is definitely a very professional program. In my opinion it is similar to Steinberg's Cubase SX. One can realize that almost everything what you want. Reason must also be a very good program. It has been synonymous where all possible features that are producing enormous help and you still create exactly what you want. These 3 Programs ARE NOT listed as Ejay. Ejay is or was a program that uses only samples (as I recall). You are free to programs such as Magic Music Maker Ejay or not, as far as the production of a play. You then have to always pre-samples, using the already specify a particular beat, rhythm and sound. Also, (it was 4 years ago) nor we had to approve of Ejay even if they wanted to publish a tune created with Ejay. It was then forced into the song or the advertising envelope or what always synonymous, one fitted with Ejay advertising.
As you see you're with Ejay, MMM and other such programs are not free of a song in the production.

But who the EUR 600 for Cubase or Logic should not be too expensive, for there is still a semi Abspeckversion one program called Fruity Loops (ie, not professional, but again not synonymous Comparison of Ejay, or MMM).
With Fruity Loops you can create your own sounds, and synonymous its absolutely synonymous needs there nichteinmal samples for VST plug-ins, some of which are in turn very freely / free.
Even with FL is already erziehlt TOP results.

So there are a lot s.verschiedenen items: Here are the links to:


Have fun while producing;)

Antwort von Crippler:

Sunlite @:

I looked at my views on the Steinberg Cubase SX homepage. Looks really good! I think that's exactly what I need! I've since seen such a promotional video because I'm not in the brochure from Cubase VST and could download and lo and behold, we have, soe as it looks for each instrument its own track of the plugin, where you can either show the waveform may, or may edit the whole synonymous now! This is beautiful and clearly not as complicated as Orion Platinum, namely because you never see all the instruments of a plug-in trace form each other and all at once. But Cubase SX seems to be able to!

Then I add the same time so 'ne matching questions afterward:

With the Edirol Orchestral plugin I am quite satisfied that would indeed be synonymous with Cubase SX running. Or can I here somebody better call VST plugin for orchestral music?

Antwort von Axel:

Am very interested in views as an orchestra track of Cubase and other programs heard. Is there a possibility?

Antwort von miciculi:

Cubase this is certainly a good choice. I work with Nuendo, the big brother of Nuendo. In addition to the audio post-production of videos I do with it sometimes synonymous Music.

Nuendo, Cubase has compared a number of features that are of interest for the post production. When it's all about music, ranging from Cubase problem. On the Steinberg website, there is a list of synonymous Nuendo exclusive features.

Antwort von Clas_76:

Cubase SX is certainly a good program for Nuendo, I hold a little excessive. To set to music clips, stock CubaseSX already s.Board everything you need. Perhaps it would be synonymous Cubase SE to do (because I do not know if I can import clips - because that would be) very helpful.

"Crippler" wrote:
With the Edirol Orchestral plugin I am quite satisfied that would indeed be synonymous with Cubase SX running. Or can I here somebody better call VST plugin for orchestral music?

It depends on what you want to do - how good is to be the whole and how much you want to spend?
Surely there are better plugins and tools for orchestral music. The Edirol is already boarding synonymous class, and works quite straightforward.
Google views the following alternatives:
- East West Symphonic Orchestra
- Miroslav Philharmonik
- Garritan Personal Orchestra
- Steinberg Halion String Edition
- Countless orchestral sample libraries for hardware or software sampler there at Best Services (www.bestservices.de)
And do not forget that the queen of the Orchestra Libraries: The Vienna Symphonic Library (www.vsl.co.at) - however you need some small change and a lot of space on the disk, but the results correctly officially (Hollywood are very often this is Library, if for example the money for a real orchestra is missing)

"Axel" wrote:
Am very interested in views as an orchestral track of Cubase and other programs heard. Is there a possibility?

Surf views to the websites mentioned above libraries, which have pretty much all very nice to listen to demos on the sides, especially the Vienna-things are absolute hammer.

Have fun and greetings - Clas.

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