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Richtiges Stativ für mich? Canon HV30 + eventuell Dollyumbau

Proper Tripod for me? Canon HV30 + Dolly conversion may

Frage von Breitmaulfrosch:
November 2010


can someone advise me of you "know-do" in a case?
I just want to buy a shit.

And while I search for a good tripod. price max. 250 ¬.
I have a Canon HV30 + Wide Angleund especially like to make very soft, smooth video recordings. Most of all, of course, synonymous with the Tripod invest in the future.

Currently, I'm just a tripod, but liquid pans are very heavy, as can be seen in one of my videos here at 4:04:

Thus a fluid movement for me is the most important. I also do not know if one probably is. find a tripod that you could use Dolly as synonymous?

I've found here, namely:
http://www.amazon.de/walimex-pro-EI-9901- video -Pro-Tripod-WT-600/dp/B001UAB2J2/ref = pd_sim_sbs_ce_1

That to me like the price, the fluid head, 2 handles and just the dollies.
The problem with the car stand is that it is only suitable for totally flat surfaces.
A normal tripod dolly has two wheels on the track yes. Or you might even find a track that is suitable for in heat, Tripods?
The roles of Dolly roles rebuild is probably very difficult. Apart s.den images synonymous but not good.

Does anyone know what would be suitable for me and if one could use the Walimex Tripod at Amazon as "amateur" Dolly?

About help I would be very happy:)


Luke Miller

Antwort von nicecam:

Hi, I wanted to answer s.Dienstag already, but then what came in between.

I try sometimes as a first responder. However, if I "know-do" bin, like others judge :-)

I'll go the safe way ...

I have the HV20 and the need always with a used Soligor Video Tripod 2001? (Numbers not read completely) get along.

My Canon XH-A1 gets Manfrotto 503HDV/525PKIT. This is, however, at 700 ¬.

The Tripod of you linked is not likely to be poor. The 2 handles one need not necessarily, but they may ever have practical value.

If you play with the idea to perform a clean car with the tripod camera drive - it works only partially. More dollies for quick change of location are intended in the room.

Some wars, however, synonymous camera pans out in the shopping cart or wheelchair :-)

For a clean camera movement you need is actually a rail dolly or just a floating tripod.

"Wide mouth frog" wrote:
Most of all, of course, synonymous with the Tripod invest in the future.

The idea is clever, but is perhaps rather for the tripods, which are far above the costs that you imagine.

Very popular here in the forum is the "forum Tripod" Velbon DV 7000th This should cost around 100 ¬ and will be synonymous, I think sometimes, to be put on dollies.

There are plenty of threads here relating to. Do you have to look after times.
I have a lot of threads synonymous saved this. Some things, however, will not help you, because too specific.
If you still have questions, I can look again if you continue to help one or the other thread.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

By the way nice video. Well, in the first minute to review some settings - Change of had shot to close-up, because you can certainly make something else.

The "surround" effect, at approximately 3:30 - was the intention?

And to the jerky swing that you make ansprichst: Because actually help is a fluid head. Even with my Manfrotte you get a clean swing at times even when multiple tests. Synonymous, however, require the exercise of the user.

Do you know the way, even the rubber band trick? Then we put a rubber band, which is neither too much nor too little should be resilient to the tripod handle and pulls audience laughed tears tension. While panning to keep tension and give in to the end. When the head comes to rest, the tape still easily hold on power as head of the fluid level in low-cost models like running back again, and that is not so intended. Therefore Unignore in pans on the tripod are the Image Stabilization of the camera.

Antwort von Breitmaulfrosch:

Thank you very much for this very helpful answer.
Do I get the Velbon DV 7000 with a soft swing go?

Go to the video: The surround effect is desired by the musician ago. I personally think it's synonymous a little weird.

Thanks synonymous for the rubber band trick. I have to try the real times.

Thank you:)



Antwort von nicecam:

I know the Velbon now not from personal experience. But even then examined here in the forum. A reasonably clean pan should thus be possible. Some of those who have complained, however, that unscrewing the head from the tripod before. The appeal to the trick to fix with a little Loctite to the head.
Choice synonymous to see in the following threads:

0Velbon DV tripod head mount -7000

Tripod for smaller rooms - Velbon video tripod DV -7000?

Antwort von toxitobi:

I know the Velbon DV7000 from colleagues. But I prefer my Bilora 936th This is especially serious s.der Camera, as the Velbon looks very shaky. The leveling of the ball with one very quickly gets the whole is on an even keel synonymous dragonfly ne a feature on what I do not want to do without. Technically, the cost is synonymous around your tripod ¬ 100.

Greeting Toxitobi

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