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Frage von maxtiemann:

Hello dear Slashcam,

After much trial and error, I must ask you then but now even a little bit of help.

Do I have with the 7D was filmed. The raw files to ProRes 422 HQ converted and so synonymous the Project created.

Now comes my question: How do I export the material to really get the best possible quality.
If I want to spend the Final Cut Pro file as a Quicktime movie I get the export as ProRes 422 HQ a file size of 12 GB with a length of just under 10 minutes
I reserve the ProRes - File as Master Clip and would now also like to have a version for the web.

Since I want to upload the film including at and there is an upload limit of 500 MB, I would like to know how I spend the s.besten to be able to upload it on Vimeo in the best possible quality and reflect.

I have the available export options in Final Cut Pro and MPEG-Streamclip.

Thank you!



Antwort von schlaflos011:


Antwort von maxtiemann:

Schonmal Thanks for the link, but now is still the problem with the size of the output file!

If I have a 12GB file in Streamclip and give to compress these lines, I get a much larger file than 500MB.


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