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Frage von handiro:

I have generated a recorder in the edit. Asf video files and have the files in Final Cut Pro.
I am looking for a Soft. which is capable of doing.
So far I have only found one for OSX: Xilisoft Video Converter but the extent is stupid, as she knows only as the highest standard DV, while the material should be eigentlioch 720p.

Anyone knows a converter? I'm here
MPEGstreamclip = waste generated pixel
VisualHub = ditto
QT = ditto
ImTOO = useful result but only DV

Who can help me?

(I know. Asf is grits but that's just how I must live here)

Thank you!


Antwort von handiro:

achso QT 7.6.9 here what I said when such an asf file open in QT.:

Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 V1.1 1280x720 millions (colors)

QT, however, makes out of it when opening pixels porridge! Only this strange Converter ImTOO good quality can be done only in DV.

macbookpro 2.55GHz OSX Leopard 10.5.8


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