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Frage von Meldur:


unfortunately I'm great on the mini-monitor market (word) a little inexperienced. If I need a small (s.2) monitor with its own power supply with connections s.The Canon 7D - what would you specifically recommend? Synonymous ideal may be a model, which could be arritieren on the hot shoe.

Thank you,


Antwort von Mink:

The camera has really a 3 "display .... you are connecting too large, or why do you want a smaller one??; /


Antwort von Macaroni:

I'm assuming you need the monitor to be able to better focus. So I would recommend the one with Ikan V5600 Articulating arm. Ikan has the monitor with a size of 5.6 "redeveloped for DSLR filmmaker.




Antwort von Meldur:

I mainly want to use the monitor to film synonymous headings out that does not allow for viewing the camera monitor - that s.einem short cable (or the frame from the Ebay link - very interesting) a Extramonitor. Since the 7D-monitor is not folded, since sometimes it gets difficult.
The IKAN is pretty expensive - what makes her, but for my purposes, but probably a little too big.
Has anyone any other ideas?

Oh yes - there are approaches that the hot shoe with a monitor that could supply electricity?


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