Infoseite // QUESTION: Professional software for video management?

Frage von DOGFILM:

Hi, So I've been looking NEN wolf, but unfortunately the search results completely infested with catastrophically bad software for the domestic DVD and video collection (for the hard-working video-sharers) ... what I'm looking for is a professional video database software that allows me to manage large collections of video files in various formats, view, convert chop coarsely, set markers, prepare for another workflow, maintain metadata, etc., etc. - of course everything possible for small budget or even s.allerliebsten open source, so you can customize the s.eigenen if necessary. I mean, I had some time ago as something of the BBC saw somewhere but I can not find it unfortunately died croak ... maybe that is synonymous to leave.

So, just to avoid misunderstandings, I am thinking now not s.die Delphi videocassette database of more than 1,000 clips crashes and only can show AVIs ... rather something like Lightroom for videos ... for the surface as a 3D wall would be quite useful (see - something with an interface to an NLE, established metadata and encoding and Plugins would be very useful. Do you know as what?

Thank you for your attention!


Antwort von rhonin:

Extra registered to me dranzuhängen. I am interested synonymous burning and would appreciate any ideas ...

Greetings Olli


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