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Qualitätsunterschied: gekaufte SD-DVD FIlme vs homemade HD Film

Quality difference: SD-bought DVD movies homemade HD vs film

Frage von fmh007:
Januar 2008

I have times a question of you s.die professionals.

why is the picture of like Black Hawk Down (yeah, stupid movie, is so synonymous only a dvd-sd-bsp) to make my own hd film so much better?

My movies were of a Sony HDR-SR8 (AVCHD) in best quality (bitrate 15MBit / s) recorded. with enough light. with tripod. etc.

Unfortunately, they were imported with iMovie 08 because Final Cut Pro crashes during import. (white rat anyone?), therefore, the Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i50 and not the apple ProRes 422nd

Of the further processing (export of Final Cut Pro dsp), we just do not talk.

s.der is the camera?
is the s.import (codec)?
s.meinem screen (which can not hd)?

this is not about subtlety, such as fractal or small bewegungsunschärfen. we are talking about these huge differences in quality.
ich mach mal yet a little screenshot of two movies about this, so you know what I mean ... I'll tell only car ... I can go from the skin! :-)

Many thanks for your answer or refer to past topics.

gruß jenny

Antwort von Axel:

About the little convenient processing please complain to your own address. Would you use this forum to get on AVCHD and its support by the software to inquire, did you noticed that even avid proponents as "WoWu" again and again to admit that there are "currently" still weak. So, either wait or switch!

The frayed contours in the car coming, therefore, that the camera interlace recording method. For a screenshot of the calculator so you can see artifacts on a good LCD or plasma you see it then no more. The Hollywood film has just frames.

Moreover, there is a similar to your questions and matching categorical imperative that you intramuscular, subcutaneous, oral and rectal must lead to mind:

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
It would be advantageous if the images of a priori not much need to be corrected, since the light has been clever.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

uses your mountain board for kiting ?!?!?

Antwort von Axel:

BTW: Welcome to the forum! The first answer, and equally so Rüpel just not take anything too seriously ...

Antwort von fmh007:

@ Axel,
with the complexity of the processing is ja soo not all bad. but thank you for your note :-)

the door with the frayed but it is not just screenshots to be seen, but synonymous, if I like it in play quicktime or vlc ...
There are already hd cameras, the full record? does that mean then 1080p?
you can somehow transform into "frames only"?
and that with the monitor, as are you sure?

thank you for your second Postal ;-)

@ billy
yes, exactly that makes fun ..!

@ all
Here again a picture, where the dark place looks terrible. full color ... the Black Hawk Down but not, although it is at least as dark ...


Antwort von thos-berlin:

The distortions you'll kammartigen at interlaced material s.PC systembwedingt ever seen. If you play the whole thing in a support interlaced playback imaginary unit (the television) that the stripes are not visible.

Antwort von Axel:

"fmh007" wrote:
the door with the frayed but it is not just screenshots to be seen, but synonymous, if I like it in play quicktime or vlc ...

And that's exactly the VLC offers> Video> Deinterlace a number of methods, without half your video to be seen, of which "Drop" is the most accurate, because the fields are "disposed of".
"fmh007" wrote:
you can somehow transform into "frames only"?

That must be one even if the movie on the web wants. One method would be to resize the image exactly in half or quarters, the clean effect is the same as above in VLC. For viewing TV s.einem the material should remain so, as it is: tube devices themselves are working with fields, and modern flat TVs, the only Progressive represent (usually) a better hardware deinterlacer built, which makes more than software.
"fmh007" wrote:
Here again a picture, where the dark place looks terrible. full color ... the Black Hawk Down but not, although it is at least as dark ...

This is Gainrauschen. Electronically enhanced signals (auto added) when the camera is absolutely necessary gets enough light. Often, as in this case one would rather have no gain. I hope the camera allows him off.
Another quote:
"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
I represent synonymous the view that one should take care of that BEFORE the Lens everything wrong.

"More Light!" (It was Goethe's last words, actually said he will still "woman's room, give me again your Pfötchen").

Antwort von Meggs:

"fmh007" wrote:

s.der is the camera?
is the s.import (codec)?
s.meinem screen (which can not hd)?

It is a common misconception to believe that HD recording SD recordings were generally superior quality. HD recordings are just bigger. Modest recordings are in HD on a large HD-capable large screen shots modest, on a smaller non-HD-compatible screen smaller modest shots.
The movie was with professional cameras, professional lenses, professional lighting, professional editing room, high-quality MPEG encoder, of a professional team made. The result is professional, with SD as in HD.
Your shots were with a hobby of device, which cost less than 1% of professional equipment is located. Presumably you have with the automatic settings of the camcorder filmed, comes to light did you not great care. Thou hast rendered with Apple on-board resources. Accordingly, the difference in SD as in HD.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

I thought me yet :-) ne das is geil or .... except sometimes slightly harder landing than snow or water :-)))
No Risk No Fun
Good luck and a safe ride!

Antwort von Musti:

how is your video material prior to processing from?
how many processing steps and what iMovie-> Final Cut Pro-> mpg?
times after such a good workflow to downconvert (fosu) ...
gruß cj

Antwort von fmh007:

many thanks s.alle. I think with the answer, especially of axel, I first of next.

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