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Qualitätsverlust bei hi8 (Canon EX1 / EX2)

Quality loss in hi8 (Canon EX1 / EX2)

Frage von truppi:
Juni 2006


I recently bought a Canon EX2hi synonymous me something and read into the topic hi8.

What is still unclear to me:

- If the first store on the hi8 tape to an already Qualtitätsverlust?

- Must have the best quality straight during filming on the Analog Out, or can be digitized as synonymous later than normal to play the tape in the camera (and digitize via analog out) to achieve the same quality?

The goal is the max. s.Qualität to get out of the EX2.
Back to digitize, I'd buy me a PC card.


Antwort von Markus:

"truppi" wrote:
- If the first store on the hi8 tape to an already Qualtitätsverlust?


when stored on Hi8 not only the first loss in quality occurs, but the biggest synonymous. The analog output signal of your "new old" of a digital camcorder could s.Television the model may be very similar, but the analog tape recording, it is seen to deteriorate.

"truppi" wrote:
Back to digitize, I'd buy me a PC card.

Possible candidates: FireWire FAQ">3rd If the setter is analogous. Should it necessarily be a ticket to the embedding, then you look synonymous with the ADVC-50. ;-)

I wonder sometimes that people buy an analog camcorder (because it's cheaper) and then a lot of money into the analog to digital will have to invest (conversion) to get the images on your computer. How did you come to EX2?

Antwort von truppi:

Hi Markus

Thanks for the reply.

To EX2hi I came through my hobby as a nature photographer. Since I already have a Canon SLR equipment of possession (14mm-800mm) so I can rel. cheap to build a nature filmmaker-camera.
Nor can it, thanks to the 1 / 2 "chip, pretty good crop, I like that.
The camera I received quite favorably with Tripod and head for around 280 euros.

As you wrote, I need to optimally exploited for a quality that analog-Ausgangssingal directly digitize during filming.

Then again, there are several possibilities:

1. parallel to Mini-DV camcorder with analog-in recording.

2. records with AV / DV converter directly to PC / notebook.

3. ext to a specific mobile. hard drive recording is (the producer me just name omitted).

My claim s.The equipment is that they can be good in a photo backpack and transporting as little power as possible in any way needed. For longer ascents in the mountains, you notice every kilo extra.
That is why I would Solution 1 or 3 s.besten suit you. Price is the 1 Solution probably be s.günstigsten. The time spent in the dub) is rather nebensache (hobby.
Until two years ago as I ever seen a camcorder (Canon MV20i had), is still the Fast DV editing solution. Permier NOW and 6.5 present.

If someone tips for best mobile AV / DV conversion and can be recorded, then only her danmit ;-)


Antwort von Markus:

External hard disks can store parallel to the one on the camcorder, the demand for a digital input signal. At least that is on the Firestore hard disks of the case.

A camcorder with AV-in, I also think the record preisgünstigte and easiest method, the analog signal to digitize and place on MiniDV. However, the handling is not easy. Sometimes I miss the way schonmal an extra hand (with only one camcorder!). In two camcorders it gets even more difficult.

Antwort von Erzherz:

Hello, nich to create a new thread unnecessarily I bring my question here with.

I am completely blank as far as filmmaking, I am a very artistic person interested, s.Shooting whose interest was aroused by a good friend.
I want to deal now repays me start with the shooting. Fortunately, I'm here lying around a Canon EX-1. Now I would of course avoid the recording on Hi8 synonymous. Opportunities here are my budget, however, very limited because I am a student. The purchase of an AV / DV converter Notebook schonmal therefore falls flat (especially since I used auctioned on the Money synonymous equal, the EX-1 for 200 ¬ at E-Bay and I ne XM-1, or it could fetch)
Honestly, I hope for a solution within the framework of 100-150 ¬ (so that I almost becomes the price of a beginner / Cheap Camera get better results ----> EX-1: 1 / 2 "CCD, good lens, etc.)

Here was the possibility of a cheap MiniDV camcorder with AV input as a recorder mentioned elsewhere here in the forum I've read that someone use a Canon MV600 for this. Now I have my einwenig looked on E-Bay but there is the Canon MV600 nowhere that this has an AV input, hence my question? Now she has one or not? And what alternative there was an AV input, vsdie synonymous for MiniDV camcorders have used for ~ 150 ¬ to get ... are there any?

My other alternative would be something like this device:
http://www.pearl.de/pearl.jsp; jsessionid = kYvBewcymwegWiqsFd? screenX = 1400 & screenY = 1050

But I here fear that the video is already in the record unnecessarily compressed (and low resolution, however, Mpeg4), then arises the question whether this is not the quality of her might still useable immenroch profitable on record as Hi8.

Joa opportunities or else what is it for? From there Sonygibt one Digital8 and MiniDV Walkman one, however, the share disproportionately expensive (~ 800 ¬), there is not synonymous sowas änhliches Maybe in cheap??

So if you could help me I would be very grateful!

Antwort von Erzherz:

Sorry for the double post, did not find any editing function, I'm just noticed that the link was not working properly:


Antwort von StefanS:

"Erzherz" wrote:
My other alternative would be something like this device:
http://www.pearl.de/pearl.jsp; jsessionid = kYvBewcymwegWiqsFd? screenX = 1400 & screenY = 1050

Pearl: Video = Disposable photo Take a photo Nikon SLR


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Erzherz" wrote:
I einwenig me on E-Bay, however, looked at the Canon MV600 is there anywhere that this has an AV input, hence my question? Now she has one or not?

Information on ebay I would be the beginning of trust is not absolute, but in this case it is quite simple: The MV600 has an AV input, MV600i, the contrast (already a DV input synonymous, incidentally, of the MV600 is also missing).

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Johannes:

Well people have their low-quality good ibid. I started ner synonymous with ex2. I have every mist with her commenced. And one day at a motocross track there pasirte I took a motorcycle ride in an accident with the ex commenced sent to the TV and I already had money for my xm ^ ^. So always took in nicely.

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