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Frage von WWJD:

Hi together

I have many video clips filmed with a digicam, Canon 620, which images with 30fps and a size of 640x480 produces.
I saw them in Final Cut Pro imported the PAL sequence setting.
Exports to HD, I have it as synonymous PAL DV file, but the image shakes a bit. Am I wrong Seq.einst. elected or is this so with the shakes?
Thanks for your tips.

Liebe Grüsse


Antwort von Martin Dienert:

Hello Saamjo,

your camera delivers 30 frames per second, the editing software creates a file with 25 frames per second, it must be all 5 images Picture omitted. The jerky is.
Try your editing software to teach a file with 30 frames per second to create and try whether you can then view s.TV.

Final Cut Pro, I do not know. Maybe it's possible a NTSC Project to create. If your goal is to be synonymous DVD authoring software to support NTSC.



Antwort von tinkoul:

Hi Martin

Thank you for your input. Yes Final Cut Pro can import NTSC material.
I will try it, now look.

Liebe Grüsse


Antwort von Markus:

"WWJD" wrote: 30fps ... and a size of 640x480 ...
NTSC has a different resolution. If the synonymous cause problems should look if you are not exactly the above values as the project default settings can.


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