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Frage von ixmob:


am totally new to the subject of shooting and have now got the aforementioned components. A Sony Tripod VCT-60AV and a Sony camcorder HVR-HD 1000E.

Unfortunately I can not get the Camera s.das Fernbedieungskabel the tripod as both have probably different Connections.

Is there perhaps an option of adapter to switch between them or do I need another tripod?

Would appreciate feedback.

Best regards and many thanks


Antwort von Replay:

Well, you want a shoulder mill, which was sold as synonymous HDR-HC7E (same technology, different case), on a small, simple plant stand customer? This is a rather wobbly affair, since the camera is probably too big for such a stand. In terms of weight it would go, but the focus is containing everything's different.

An adapter for FB-stopper is not known to me. And the camera must be able to interpret the commands of the FB synonymous. The Department of the stand is plugged into the A / V R-socket of the camera, which looks like this (lower jack is the connection of one of my two CX115):

zum Bild

Ist eine solche Buchse s.der Camera nicht vorhanden, sieht es schlecht aus... Als Stativ für Deine Camera wird of Sony the VCT PG11RMB



Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Ixmob" wrote: ... Tripod VCT-60AV And. .. HVR-HD 1000E ... Is there perhaps an option of adapter to switch between ...
Your Tripod is for combined AV / R port of the current Sony consumer camcorder designed, while your camera has the usual LANC jack. The other way round would be an adjustment no problem - it is appropriate adapter cable, for example, of very cheap Manfrotto - but an adapter for your constellation I do not know yet. Camera Tripod s.sich to what extent the fit is another question, but as already noted Replay: The ideal combination is unlikely.


Antwort von ixmob:

Thanks for the quick help! The camera fits onto tripod and can operate as far as synonymous well. Only the FB I get to the unfortunately not fly.

I think it will probably amount to a new tripod.


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