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Frage von SlowMotionAddict:


I will have to record next week in Stuttgart on a concert in the somewhat larger scale. For that I booked the 4 x SonyEX1. Although I have as good as all the camera men or s.Start-students who know their craft, but just racking my head about the sound.

Although I take the sound from the sound board with, assume, however, that I should start with a separate microphone, the crowd noise. What mics would you use? Which equipment should I look for? And as you take care of Synchronisität with multiple cameras? What do I do as if I temporarily change the memory card must, but would still remain synchronously, so that on average, later obtained less work?

I would just like to hear your opinions and reviews ... Maybe there are one or two among you who has shot many concerts and general tips for me / us. Since this is a very important project, I want to be well prepared and know me.

Thanks in advance


Antwort von xinon:

unfortunately I can not answer all your questions - but I try to give some tips:

the EX1 can switch without interruption of a map to the other (if SXS cards are used). 16GB enough for about 56min ... clarifying the entire length from the concert!

synchronize - even simple: take a photo solvent lightning go, just before the concert on stage and from him. when all the cameras are focused on these lightning, you have everywhere inside (!) white picture. the soundtrack can be synchronized using the swings.
(Or - depending on the average system, there are plural eyes - super softwa which can synchronize the audio tracks using different clips / multicam ... 30days trial should extend times)

ton: an ambi-mic ... omni would probably be suitable.
always enough head-room can accommodate at - once overloaded - all in a **** (or at least the track).

images: all cams must have the same video setting (size, frame etc). an identical white balance on all cams saves a lot of reworking.

Another: clarify before the concert from location - mostly because of the light. because where no light because no picture. if LED lights are used, most with an EX1, whether it is a flicker when the LED lights are dimmed, (rolling vs. hutter. pulse-width modulation). (Led-light is with 100% and 0% is always useful - but ... well dimmed)



Antwort von RobS:

1) For a very simple sound recording you should record at least 4 channels. Two channels FOH mix and two channels atmosphere. The best options are two shotgun aimed at Height of the PA to the audience. Sun shines s.wenigsten of the PA to the microphones and you will get as much audience sound that you now mix added thanks to the separate atmosphere, in the Postpro'll need.
This method only works if the FOH mix is complete.
In smaller venues <300 people is often of a very loud stage direct guitar and snare sound, so go down the guitars in the FOH mix often. Instead, we often hear very loud vocals and bass Drumm.

3) If I am FOH mixer and add to the concert just quickly, I use either two free to tinker aux sends, or the output matrix in the FOH desk to give me a mix that includes all the instruments. It is worth perhaps with the FOH mixer to find a solution.

4) The simplest but not necessarily the best recording of the entire hall sound with two microphones is on. Here, the recording but is very undefined.

5) The professional version is a multi-track recording with a later mix, or a second live mix. But as you should get professional help.


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