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Funkmikrofon für die Panasonic HDC SD 707 ??

Radio microphone for the Panasonic HDC SD 707?

Frage von Bijan:
Mai 2010

I bought recently the Panasonic HDC SD 707, the camera is synonymous as a consumer very well. As said, it's a consumer camera and is therefore obviously not as many functional and operating and connectivity as a Prosumerkamera. Nevertheless, it has a small front right headphone-and mic input.
Although it might sound a little crazy, but I would like to know if there is a wireless microphone that has such a small receiver that you can join him there s.Mikrofoneingang.
I'm looking forward to your answers.
Greeting Bijan

Antwort von rush:


there is the clear :-)

For example, Sennheiser EW-100 G2 / G3 .. their pocket receivers have jack and there are both here for mini-jack cable as synonymous XLR ...

If, however, the question of the Rec ... Since you had time you look at how your 707 manual can control the sound, or whether only is automatic.

Antwort von domain:

No, recipients are so small it does not. Would be synonymous lethal for the 3.5 mm jack of the camera on a permanent basis if there was much more than a dranhängen times with cables.
But the SD 707 has but one shoe accessory on the example which you can attach the really small Sennheiserempfänger the second or third generation. By the way where this shoe is actually Accessory? At the recent images of the 707 I hann not recognize him.

Antwort von Bijan:

The accessory shoe is included with the Camera and not intended to be a holder for the included video light. But such things can be so synonymous zweckemfremden:)
Thanks for your answers .. I will look at times


Antwort von domain:

Where is screwed for the? But s.Stativgewinde not as intermediate?

Antwort von kiteschlampe:

S.Camcorders Side, rear view of the right angle under the Micro. So between Micro and the attachment for the hand strap.

Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

I turn times with one, but needs the close of the SD300 sd707 ...

- Yes, manual tonausstreuerung (via the menu works).

- The accessory shoe is as there plugged into the camera, where if you are holding her hand through the loop, small and ring finger left hand in the medium. when the accessory shoe is not plugged in, is a cover over it, you can push to side.

Antwort von domain:

Aha, the first time I see the right page of the Camera synonymous. Is a very elegant solution. The Sennheiser EW 100 receiver is probably draufpassen. However, he stands side only between 9 and 14 mm low to tower over the shoe and 44 mm s.Shuhmittelpunkt back. Could be a little short for a portion of the fingers.

Antwort von rush:

With a small adapter it probably could not set properly, the higher the fingers are limited.

About something like that would hover before me there ...


Just as an example and should be no advertising:) Are there many other safe alternatives

Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

aha! the SD300, I find it even more elegant, there is the cover that is not opened for the shoe accessories shoe, but slid into the housing:)

Antwort von Bijan:

Why totally against the receiver to fix s.Hosengürtel of of there lead to a 3.5 mm jack for your camcorder?

Greeting Bijan

Antwort von Paul*Berlin:

s.sich nothing. Only you can then the camcorder abtellen not easily remove and you - but who makes for synonymous?
and it is of course a cable from the camcorder body, and if it is too short (it should be because rumhänggefahr not too long) then it may be that it hinders you in some settings.
But in headphones is so synonymous one cable from the camcorder to the body - and which would then be used anyway.

There are synonymous many who do that, I would have a harmful micro, I would probably make synonymous so did even the SD300 (see synonymous my signature ^ ^)

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Domain" wrote:
... Sennheiser EW 100 receiver does ... ... the side ascending only between 9 and 14 mm above the shoe and extends 44 mm s.Shuhmittelpunkt back. Could be a little short for a portion of the fingers ...

If I remember correctly, the shoe adapter to attach variable, must not sit exactly centered below the receiver. Thus, for any synonymous nor create space.

"Bijan" wrote:
... Why totally against the receiver to fix s.Hosengürtel ...

You can do well: The Sennheiser receivers have for even a standard belt clip on the back.

Antwort von domain:

No the G3 receiver can not move laterally shoe adapter. Engages under spring pressure s.einer pre-positioned exactly one point. But the rush of proposed Hama Flash Eiger is still a good solution if synonymous, EW-100 recipients then quite likely above the floor of the Camera.
It is important that all connections are properly tightened each per socket union between the shoe and adapter, can I go out with times like this that the accessory adapter of Pana is not simply plugged into the provided recording, but can also be locked in stone.

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