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Frage von Auf Achse:


Seeking a rain cover for the Canon 50D. I came across the Kata E-702, can someone tell me about experiences useful, tricky, tight, ...
Are there any other Manufacturer, of Petrol nothing seems to give DSLR ...

Thanks and regards,
On axis


Antwort von nicecam:

always on the move, synonymous s.späten Saturday evening :-)

Well, I need help yet again.

I know only the rain covers of kata for my HV20 and the XH-A1, as I have for my two cameras.

The tightness is all right, but I would not guarantee a place for rain. The more intervention by the rain protection is afforded, thereby assisting the usefulness, of course, the larger of course eventually the Eindringgefahr of water ...

I have the Kata E-702 sometimes viewed on their website looks, but for quite usable, and with the experience I had with my rain hood ...

Well, everything I know at the moment not synonymous.

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By the way, maybe I'll come tomorrow, but this time to report from the theater. That was perhaps a "theater" ;-)


Antwort von MountainDew:

How about with one of these here:


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