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Frage von gekue:

we looked at yesterday, the latest HD models of Sony, in particular the NX5 and the EX3, because we want to grow a camera in this price / performance category. We noticed that flare up in both viewfinders, but not on the external LCD panels, sometimes major s.den rainbow effect in DLP projectors reminiscent color boxes. We have amended the color viewfinder on Scharzweiß, but the flash of color were still present and in the black and white picture even more unbearable.
Is this flash of color boxes have noticed otherwise synonymous whom? We currently have 2 SonyDSR-250P in use, these have a black and white viewfinder and excellent sharpness in the viewfinder. Also s.die sharpness are the new color viewfinder clearly not approach.
Is there anything similar (synonymous price of manufactures) in the HD sector?


Antwort von deti:

The new color viewfinder, professional cameras often use the LCoS technology ( because you herewith a very high Resolutionbei can reach minimum size. For space reasons, not three LCOS panels and a prism fit pure and therefore the three basic colors of the rapid switching of three LEDs (R, G, B) is reached. Since no white LED is mounted, the S / W-representation also receives the unwanted rainbow effect. Sounds silly, is it that way.

It's best to simply ignore the effect or one eye rolls and dispensed onto Wink ;-)

The EX3 viewfinder used as a normal TFT screen and shows such effects is not definitive. The NX5, however, has an LCOS viewfinder. The fact that the approaching new Viewfinder s.die sharpness of the old CRT viewfinder is not true. The new LCOS viewfinder have a resolve about one million Resolutionvon pixels, while the CRT viewfinder, only 0.35 million. Maybe you should drop the Peaking function of the camera to set something stronger.



Antwort von iMac27_edmedia:

The new LCOS viewfinder are super-sharp, you should just avoid squinting with the eyes, as synonymous oblique look at the viewfinder, as you see it. This occurs at JVC synonymous HM700 on abgeschächt, stronger again in the HPX 301/371.


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