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Ram-Probleme mit Mainconcept & Premiere Pro 2!

Ram problems with MainConcept & Premiere Pro 2!

Frage von stegi@gast:
Juli 2007


The Adobe the native processing of HDV material is not under control has is clear, unfortunately! Therefore I have the MainConcept plugin installed. A top thing! The export opportunities are diverse, fast and native as much as possible.

Since I work with this plugin, I have problems with the work spoke for Premiere Pro 2! Large projects can no longer open because of memory seems too small (was 2GB). Without the plugin, these projects still open.

Has anyone found this synonymous?
I test such things are really intense. Have the entire weekend verbraten until I found out why Premiere suddenly had problems with working memory.

What are other plugins for the native export from Premiere?
Or, can someone from experience about the Martox RT.X2 report.

Antwort von dan1el:


I also use WP 2.0 and the HD plug-in of MC.
When I adopted the program around after 40 minutes of film
when editing on the timeline.
It is first a memory error and then must premiere after an unexpected error to close.
Pretty annoying!
The project can then be under a new name and re-open you can continue editing a short lead.

I split the films into shorter projects and render in between.

I unfortunately do not synonymous plugin alternative known.
According to info (s.MC request of me) is the software error in Adobe.

The DV interface is not affected.


Antwort von dan1el:

"Anonymous" wrote:
According to info (s.MC request of me) is the software error in Adobe.

Of course. If yes synonymous with difficult, if MainConcept have to say: "We have a problem." If the bug at Adobe really should be, should be a manufacturer as MainConcept safe enough to have good contacts for a bug fix for Adobe to make. But apparently they will probably have no desire ...

Antwort von dan1el:

Incidentally, I had the version 2.0 of the HD plugin again after I install at version 2.1 Ruckler after exporting to tape had.

I think HD-cutting is still an adventure, if you want to achieve quality.

I have even considered moving to Pinnacle Studio, but I think that would be a retrograde step.


Antwort von stegi@gast:

Did someone with experience in the Premiere CS3 made?

... or someone knows a plugin only for the Native-export from pr2?
The export opportunities with the main concept would be great! but ...

Antwort von r.p. television:

I have problems, unfortunately, synonymous.

Would now look for a job about 3 weeks before my money back. But no answer.

I have Windows XP 64bit extra growth, which is more than 2 GB of RAM can manage. Hab now 4 GB. But only moderately Bessserung brought.
I have the crashes and messages not only depends on How the Project, but mainly how many files can be imported.
Taking with the practical separation on scene (which is often synonymous crashes before the final files are written to disk), are seen in 30 minutes, depending on the raw footage up to 100 files.
Since then the message that the memory is not to import these files is sufficient.
A joke.
Since it first but in the ordinary loose that number of import, is the statement of MainConcept (I get it synonymous) that the error made Adobe is probably just an excuse.

I can not project more than 12 minutes to render, when many files have been imported - but Can Files of 3 hours to render, if only 2-3 files were imported (????),
jerky edition the band (although Raid-0 and Duel Core 3.96 Ghz)
at scene transitions in the hard cut is now erhelbiche image disturbances, since the smart-rendering the GOP is not properly re-ordered, since only helps the "direct" transitions.

The pure image quality is obviously good, but what helps if you do not bring back to tape (which for me is the key reason to buy was) and needed several attempts to create a file?

I hope I will soon answer of MainConcept. Would prefer a working update for my money back, but as it is now, I can not work (if I am synonymous with this calculator mostly just cut my private projects).

Antwort von r.p. television:

@ gast

Oh yes.
You write to you instead of you have version 2.1 version 2.0 installed.
Do you version 2.0.0. instead of 2.0.1. ?
Because on the homepage of MainConcept is still version 2.0 as the latest advertised. The file is then downloaded 2.0.1 but.

I would then like to try synonymous, because for me the band edition synonymous jerky (so every 3-8 minutes either only one brief Ruckler, or 3-4 times in quick succession or even 10 seconds for image loss).

Antwort von dan1el:

"rp television" wrote:
I have Windows XP 64bit extra growth, which is more than 2 GB of RAM can manage. Hab now 4 GB. But only moderately Bessserung brought.

4GB is synonymous a normal 32-bit system to manage. Through PCI address spaces can be, however, does not use full 4GB, but depending on the hardware to 3.5GB. Ideally you will be upgrading to 3GB in a 32-bit system.

64bit Windows is in the area currently very limited, so there is certainly still more problems to come.

Antwort von r.p. television:

Mir is with the Ram-known limitations.
XP 64bit is a very good emulator for 32bit Programs integrates the applications by only about 1% slowed.
But can I edit projects, which under XP 32bit and the memory limitation is no longer running - I speak from experience.

Antwort von stegi@gast:

Sorry, but with the Ram is not an issue. 2 GB is enough! Otherwise, there would be even more so because a paging file. Not very efficient but ....


- Adobe is scheisse in processing NATIVE
- Mainconzept is scheisse in Ram

Thus, the combination actually fully scheisse .... ;-(
For such software, we are guinea pigs and figures for this yet.

Ready gejammert:

Hatt someone a good alternative to camp for an additional export tool in Premiere to be used? We're talking, of course, a native of export!

Antwort von kombinat2null:


I meant of course the version 2.0 which I use to export.
The 2:01 brings Ruckler said.


Antwort von r.p.television:

Either the support of MainConcept aware not answer me, because I have a request for conversion have posted or are overwhelmed because of the many problems .....

Since one and a half month no answers to my questions .....:(

Are the main order of 400 Euro and I have a few more problems ....

Antwort von sammy:

"rptelevision" wrote:
Either the support of MainConcept aware not answer me, because I have a request for conversion have posted or are overwhelmed because of the many problems .....

Since one and a half month no answers to my questions .....:(

Are the main order of 400 Euro and I have a few more problems ....

Registered letter "repair" and require time to set (14 days) or back while coal demand. Then it is legal and s.deren is synonymous processed.
Not to get help with the formulation of consumer protection.

Antwort von Imo:

Hihi ..., did with the 400 ¬ uro MC plug-in and the RAM in the test ... and therefore not purchased and not synonymous next recommended ...

Antwort von stegi@gast:

Hello ...

Have since the network still found something else: http://www.cineform.com/products/Aspect-Prospect.htm

Did someone erfahrungebn with cineform done?
Will try it and hope that there is a NATVE alternative to Mainconceps is ...


Antwort von kbaerwald:

Unfortunately, I have these contributions are only now read - and am just after a week of frustration with the plug of Purchase resigned (Fernabgabegesetz!). Whether the whole thing is a problem of Adobe or MainConcept is me totally cold: MainConcept has made the software, we need to be improved.

Conclusion: I will once in forums such as this look before I place an order lostrete ;-)


Antwort von Netti:

We have similar experiences.

11 hours of raw material 90min cut down.
In between repeatedly crashes without end.
For color I had to split the movie otherwise went garnix more
and the Rausrendern, yes there are more split. The Horror!

We now consider the following, but still net tested.
All the material before the capture and processing directly in Quicktime Jpeg "format.
Only then can the average, etc. make sense?

As annoying is synonymous yes, when I made the film 11h finished, I was able to because of the HD Codec not even a "tailored Project" to create. So I am now sitting nicely on my nearly 150GB working folder ...... My Archive is happy.

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